Importance of Quizzes in Competition Exam

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  • Jan 13, 2021
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Importance of Quizzes in Competition Exam

Practicing and revising is a very crucial part of preparation. No matter which exam you re preparing for, practicing helps you in strengthening your preparation for the exam. Tests and quizzes provide an array of benefits to both the students and the instructors. 

Here we are listing some of the well known and established benefits of tests and quizzes in the academic life of a student.

  1. Increases retention

Many kinds of research and studies have proven that the retrieval of information after learning it helps in retaining the information for a longer time. It helps the students in questioning what they have learned, backing it up with evidences and thereby making it last longer in their memory.

  1. Identifies gap in Knowledge

Quizzes and tests are a great way to identify the segments which you lack in. It helps you to know your weak points and then work on them so that you can strengthen your preparation.

  1. Better Organization of Knowledge

Testing helps the brain in the organization of knowledge by making clusters of information. It categorizes information in a way that is easy for the brain to remember.

  1. Prepares you for the next episode

Testing allows students to learn more from their next study session and reduces the chances of forgetting. This makes the next study session more productive.

  1. Teaches application of Knowledge

Tests are made in a way that makes it more practical to question students. It helps the students in knowing how to apply the knowledge that they have gained. 

  1. Metacognitive Monitoring

By providing scores, tests, and quizzed provides the students with a more reliable way to assess their performance. This way they can be more confident about their performance which can help them in the long run as well as in the exam that they are planning to sit in.

  1. Encouragement

Good scores and good performance in tests and quizzes encourage the students to study more and keep up their ranking/scores. This is a great way to provide a motivational boost to the students and keep them interested in studying.

  1. No interference from prior material

Taking a test of the first study session before going for the second one helps the students too retain that information and be clearer with it without mixing it to the next one.  

Quizzes and Tests in the Utkarsh App

Utkarsh App has revolutionized the way in which students used to prepare for competitive exams. It has made the process so smooth and swift thereby, turning the dreams of millions of students into a reality. This app has many unique features and the feature that stands apart the most is quizzes and tests. Let us take a look at the quizzes and tests provided by Utkarsh App.

 Utkarsh App provided you with quizzes and tests so that the students can have a thorough understanding of every topic. These quizzes are formed from the topics which are taught in the class. The students are provided with various study materials to prepare for these tests, such as e-notes and e-books.

Features of the Quiz/ Tests in the Utkarsh App

Regular Tests/Quizzes

he tests and quizzes are conducted on a regular basis to help the students identify their weak points and prepare better.

Take a Test/ Quiz Anytime

The candidates can take the tests and quizzes from their mobile phones. This way, they can give the test from any place without any inconvenience. This assures that the students’ studies are continuing no matter what.

Live Tests/Quizzes

The tests and quizzes are conducted live to give the students an experience of an actual exam so that they can have an idea about it and do not stress themselves on the actual exam day.

Facility to take missed Tests/Quizzes

Even if the students miss any live test or quiz, the students can still give it later on.

The students are also provided with an All India Rank (only if they take a live test or quiz) right after the completion of the test.

Video Solutions of Quiz/Tests

The students are also provided with video solutions of all the questions asked in the test or the quiz. This will help the students in knowing the correct answers and strengthening their preparations even more.

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