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“A Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”



Nirmal Gehlot

It was a modest beginning in the year 2002. Initially, with a smaller number of students, l nurtured them with a doctor's care and concern working in an intensive care unit. It was my desperate will to establish UTKARSH as a lighthouse of hopes and a symbol of victory.

I put it with pride that my team members magnificently responded to my expectations and my motto. In a matter of few years, UTKARSH came among the frontline coaching institutes of India. Encouraged by a significant number of selections in different careers, I felt impelled to produce RAS officers at UTKARSH. The itch prompted me to thoroughly research the obscure reasons for poor selections in the region. With impeccable efforts and consistent zeal, we produced excellent results.

Over the last ten years, we produced three state Toppers and selections mounting in four digits.

UTKARSH has always been innovative and creative in its teaching approach. Our digitalized and research-based education system is a long journey of competing with the self. Our vast family on different social media platforms has shown an abundance of love, and I, in turn, have left no stone unturned to carve out the authoritative smile on every member's face.

Only recently, we have started preparing IAS officers at UTKARSH, and we have received an overwhelming response in the first year. UTKARSH prominently stands tall in the field of competitive Examinations, and we keep our edge sharp by being innovative, informative, and technologically enriched.

I wish every UTKARSHian a bright future ahead.

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A Benevolent Contributor

Out of generosity and a natural inclination for social causes, the founder and Director of UTKARSH Classes, Shri Nirmal Gehlot, celebrates his birthdays with profound social concern and sets an example for the younger generation to act differently on various occasions. Thousands of units of blood have been donated on his birthdays so far, and he identifies the NGOs and social workers’ contribution to society. Almost 50 active NGOs have been honored for their services on various occasions.

UTKARSH coaching is indubitably a pioneer in the field of competitive Examinations. Besides producing excellent results in Competitive Examinations, UTKARSH is emphatically concerned for different deprived sections of society, needy students, victims of natural calamities, patients with dire need of medical assistance & students of potential prospects.

 Several medical camps organized by UTKARSH were a real help to the needy. The distribution of ambulances, medicines, tri-cycles were some heartfelt contributions of UTKARSH, which brought a vast difference in the lives of many a deprived people.

Sh. Nirmal Gehlot, a former student of Vidya Bharti schools and understanding the ideal vision, recently donated PCs, LEDs, and other digital accessories to 13 schools under Vidya Bharti Sansthan. He is also determined to constantly provide their online education through well-established Digital Chroma Studios of UTKARSH Classes. Shri Nirmal Gehlot also motivates and financially supports talented students but belonging to low-income families.

Free online classes for competitive exams, organizing workshops, talk-shows, and seminars are other social services where UTKARSH always a dedicated and determined contributor.