Ten qualities you need to hone to become an IAS Officer

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  • Mar 04, 2021
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Ten qualities you need to hone to become an IAS Officer

Indian Administrative Services is a dream job for a majority of youth in India. Getting placed as an IAS officer not just earns you a lucrative and high-paying salary but comes with high social prestige and exceptional perks and benefits. It gives you an opportunity to make reforms in the country and serve the nation by bringing positive changes to society. 

As they say, ‘With great powers comes great responsibilities’; becoming an IAS officer is a tremendous responsibility. The candidate who gets placed as an IAS officer needs to have certain character traits to justify their position as an IAS officer. 

In this article, we will be discussing the qualities that must be honed by all the candidates who wish to be the future nation-builders by becoming an IAS officer. These qualities are not just for IAS officers but for anybody who wants to lead an exemplary and virtuous life. 

  1. Dedication

Dedication is the most important quality in an IAS aspirant. The journey of becoming an IAS officer – preparing for the prelims, then for the mains, and finally for the interview take many years of constant dedication. This journey can be exhausting and mentally tiring, but only through one’s dedication can one stick to the path and reach their goal.

  1. Grasping Power

An IAS aspirant must have good grasping power. Grasping power means being able to quickly understand a topic you are studying and retaining it in your memory for a long time. Not just that, but you should also be able to remember and then utilize that information during your exam. You can practice meditation as it can significantly help in increasing your grasping power. 

  1. Great Communication Skills 

This is a trait that will not only help you in the journey of becoming an IAS officer but in all walks of your life. If you feel that you are not good at presenting your ideas to people, or speaking confidently in front of an audience, start working on this aspect as soon as possible. Being an IAS officer, you will have to deal with many people and talk to them, making this skill an essential one.

  1. Great Writing Skills

The biggest hurdle in the journey of becoming an IAS officer is the mains exam. It is a subjective paper where you are expected to write a lot which makes your writing skills directly proportional to your success in the IAS exam. If you feel that you are weak in writing, you can easily improve it by practicing daily. The are many IAS Online Courses that can help you in improving your writing skills.

  1. Honesty

This is a skill that no IAS Coaching can teach you. Being honest with oneself as well as with others is very important. An IAS officer is expected to be a man/woman with virtue and never do something morally incorrect. In this case, honesty stands above all the qualities and skills. Similarly, if you are not honest with yourself, you will never be able to identify your weaknesses and thereby won’t work on improving them. 

  1. Inquisitiveness

The word inquisitive means to be curious and eager to learn new things. The hunger for knowledge can take you very far in the journey of the IAS exam. For instance, if you read about the South China dispute in the newspaper, you should be curious to know about the reason and the history of the controversy, its impact on world politics etc. Just reading a newspaper will not suffice in the current trend. 

  1. Leadership

An IAS officer works as the bridge between the government and the citizens; they represent the government to the people. While being in the position, they must demonstrate excellent leadership skills. They must be able to take their team towards the goal of doing better for the people of the country. All this can only be done if a person has great leadership capabilities. 

  1. Patriotism

The feeling of serving the nation and nothing being above the country’s interest should always be in an IAS officer’s mind. An IAS officer is like a selfless soldier who always measures the impacts of their actions on their nation’s strength and prestige. 

  1. Physical Fitness

Being healthy is one of the most crucial assets of an aspirant while preparing for the IAS exam. Try to inculcate habits in your schedule that boost your physical fitness as well as your mental health.  A healthy diet and adequate exercise are the two crucial factors that will keep you healthy and provide you with the energy & stamina required to work consistently towards your dream.

  1. Work Ethics

An IAS officer must have exemplary ethics towards their work and responsibilities.  Work ethics means being honest and virtuous at your workplace. AN IAS officer is expected to respect the office timings, not use their powers and position for personal benefits, be unbiased,  and work with utmost dedication. Work ethics help you be better at work and set an example in front of others who look up to you.

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