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Postal Ballot For Essential Service Employee Allowed by ECI

Utkarsh Classes 20-03-2024
Postal Ballot For Essential Service Employee Allowed by ECI Election 4 min read

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has officially designated a category of electors as absentee voters who are eligible for postal ballot voting. 

  • This category specifically includes individuals employed in essential services, ensuring their participation in the democratic process even while fulfilling vital duties on polling day.
  • The list of eligible voters encompasses a diverse range of professionals whose roles are indispensable for the smooth functioning of society. 
  • Those included in the list are employees from critical sectors such as public transportation (Metro), Railways, telecommunications (BSNL), power (Electricity) and healthcare (Health Departments), Fire Services, Postal Services, Aviation, Disaster Management, state-run broadcasting services (Doordarshan and All India Radio), as well as media personnel authorized by the Commission to cover the polling day proceedings, among others.
  • This decision, made in accordance with the provisions outlined in the Representation of the People Act, 1951, underscores the ECI’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in the electoral process. 
  • Acknowledging the difficulties essential service workers encounter on election day, the Commission's objective is to safeguard their fundamental right to vote without any hindrances or interruptions.
  • The notification is specifically applicable to the ongoing General Elections and Legislative Assembly elections in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha, and Sikkim. Furthermore, it encompasses bye-elections scheduled to be held in 26 Assembly Constituencies across 13 different states.

About Postal Voting 

  • Postal voting, also referred to as absentee voting, is a convenient method of voting where voters can cast their ballots via mail instead of physically visiting a polling station. 
  • This method is especially beneficial for individuals who are unable to vote in person due to certain circumstances, including being away from their home constituency, having a disability, or being engaged in essential services on election day.

Who is eligible?

  • Different elections and jurisdictions have varying eligibility criteria for postal ballots. However, some groups of eligible voters include:
  • Those serving in the armed forces, paramilitary forces, and government personnel fulfilling election duties far from their home constituencies.
  • Persons unable to cast their vote in person due to factors like work, illness, or disability that confines them away from their home constituency.
  • Officials and polling staff who are stationed at polling locations other than their own.
  • Individuals who are being detained under preventive custody orders during the election period.


Answer: Representation of the People Act, 1951

Answer: Absentee voting
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