Last Minute Preparation Tips for MPPSC Exam

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  • Jul 08, 2021
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Last Minute Preparation Tips for MPPSC Exam

The MPPSC Exam earlier scheduled to be held on 20th June got postponed to 25st July, 2021, keeping in mind the COVID situation in the country.

Now, with just a few days to go for the MPSC Exam, rigorous preparations are underway for all the aspirants.

At this time, it is imperative that aspirants must focus on using strategies which will help them make the most out of the limited time they have left with them.

Read on to find some last minute revision tips to boost your score.

Focus on what you have studied so far

In the last leg of the preparation, the candidate should only focus on revising the topics that have already been covered instead of starting new ones. Learning new information can get daunting when done at this time. So, it is best to focus on revising topics that have been already studied.

Mock tests

After having completed the preparation, one must take some mock exams to assess their level of preparation and identify weak points to work on. This will help in filling any gaps in your  knowledge.

Short notes

The short notes prepared while studying the topic can prove very useful during last minute revision to quickly go over the topic in as little time as possible.

Formula charts

These can include any formulas or equations that you are having trouble remembering. You can stick this chart onto your wall for a quick look over once everyday to memorize them.

Previous Year Papers

Usually, candidates with a good level of preparation fail to do well  in the actual exam because of the element of surprise involved in the actual exam. So, it is best to try stimulating exam conditions while attempting previous year papers during the last few days of your preparation.

Attempting the papers can also help in making a test taking strategy for the exam day. 

The candidate should go through the last 5 years’ question papers to get an idea of the type of questions asked.

You can find the previous year MPPSC Question papers here. 

Time management

With little time left, it is crucial to manage your time perfectly. A set number of hours must be dedicated to the revision while also taking out enough time for mock papers. The candidate should not sacrifice their sleep and give equal importance to their health. A healthy mind performs better and helps you retain more information.

Managing your time well while preparing can keep you from getting overwhelmed, so follow these tips to lower down your stress levels:

Take a break

After a span of 40-50 minutes of studying, your brain has a hard time focusing so you must give it a rest. A short break can rejuvenate you and help you get back with an alert mind.

Keep a time log

You can use a small diary to manage your study time. It helps you keep a track of your activities and the time you’ve actually spent studying. 

Create a schedule for each day of the week

Keeping a planner is simple yet effective. Blocking out time in advance helps you prepare  mentally and keeps you more determined to get the work done.

Take out time to reflect

Keeping yourself organised requires that you actually reflect upon the study you’ve done in a week, at the end of the week. It can help you identify your pain points like when do you get distracted? How much time have you wasted procrastinating or have you dedicated enough time to studying? This helps you start the next week with a fresh head and a clear goal.

Keep Exam stress at Bay 

Stressing before important exams, or exams in general is quite common. But it should not hinder your performance. 

If you tend to suffer from a bad case of nerves before exams, follow these tips:

Tidy Your Space

A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind. This is a saying you must have heard often. Because it is scientifically true.

Working in a disorganized space leads to trouble focusing which can add to anxiety levels. Taking out some time from studying to clean up the desk can boost your productivity by a lot.

Extra tip: After you’re done studying for the day, clean your desk for the next time you sit down to study.

Reduce Phone Usage

Technology is a boon in the academic sphere as it gives everyone an opportunity to access lectures and courses.

But when used too much and without purpose, it can cause distraction and stress.

Procrastinating is a fairly common thing for candidates before exams and your phone adds to it.

A ping of a message.

A call from a friend.

Or endless scrolling on social media.

These are common distractions. All these can waste your precious time before exams. 

To combat this, try doing the following:

  1. Switch your phone to airplane mode while you study
  2. Restrict social media usage to just once a day
  3. Turn off all notifications

Take out time to Exercise

Exams can keep you cooped up over your desks for hours on end. And it can take a serious toll on your health.

To avoid this, you must engage in some light physical exercise everyday. It will not only keep you healthy physically but also mentally. 

You can also do meditation and yoga to be physically and mentally fit.

Getting some sunlight everyday boosts serotonin levels that uplifts your mood. A bit of sun everyday will keep your serotonin levels in a good range.

Do not study the night before the exam

You should be done with your preparation the day before the exam and not try to frantically cover more topics.

As the exam would be held in a city other than your own, you should reach there a day before to avoid last minute stress.

The evening before the exam must be spent relaxing and figuring out how you will reach your exam centre the next day to avoid any hassle on exam day.

Checklist of items you must carry to the exam hall

Following is a list of essentials you must carry to the exam hall with you as they may be required for identification and cross-checking. It is best to keep yourself prepared with anything that might be possibly needed.

  1. Passport size photograph
  2. Valid photo ID Card
  3. Admit Card
  4. Class 10th certificate
  5. Class 12th certificate
  6. Caste certificate, if required

Don’t Forget to carry these essentials with you!

Hope these tips and suggestions help you to prepare better for your exams. 

If you have any query regarding the exam please comment below.

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