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Important Notes For RPSC RAS Prelims 2023 Preparation

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 02-11-2023
Important Notes For RPSC RAS Prelims 2023 Preparation

The Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) conducts the Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) exam, one of the most prestigious and sought-after competitive examinations in the state of Rajasthan. If you're an aspirant gearing up for the RPSC RAS Pre Exam 2023 scheduled on 1 October 2023, you're in the right place! 

One of the most crucial aspects of your RAS preparation is having access to high-quality study materials, and that's where you need RPSC RAS Notes 2023. Through this article, we are providing you with some last-minute RPSC RAS notes for the preliminary examination, specially designed to help you in the last days of preparation. 

Why Choose Our RPSC RAS Notes?

RPSC RAS Prelims Notes are meticulously crafted study materials designed to practise in these final days to achieve your goal and secure your seat. These notes are designed by our subject-matter experts with the three layers of proofing and optimisation process. Here are some reasons why RSPS RAS notes are an essential part of your exam preparation strategy:-

1. Comprehensive Coverage

The RPSC RAS Prelim Exam is known for its vast syllabus, covering a wide range of subjects and topics from General Knowledge and General Science. RPSC RAS Notes offer comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabus, ensuring that you don't miss out on any crucial topic.

2. Concise and Well-Organized

These RPSC Prelim notes are tailored to provide concise and to-the-point information, making it easier for you to grasp difficult topics quickly. The well-organised structure of these notes ensures you can read the content effortlessly.

3. Time-Saving

Preparing for a competitive exam like RPSC RAS 2023 requires effective time management. RPSC Prelims RAS Notes are designed to save you valuable time by presenting information in a concise and easily digestible format. This allows you to focus on understanding the concepts rather than cramming for vast textbooks.

4. Exam-Oriented

RPSC RAS Notes for Prelims are exam-oriented, meaning they are created with specific exam patterns and question types. By studying these notes, you'll get a better understanding of the types of questions that can be expected in the RPSC RAS Pre-Exam 2023.

5. Expertly Crafted

These notes are developed by subject-matter experts and experienced educators who understand the intricacies of the RAS Prelims. Their insights and knowledge are distilled into these notes, ensuring the highest quality of content.

6. Revision Made Easy

RPSC RAS Notes are designed to aid in your revision process. They are handy reference materials you can revisit as the exam date approaches, helping you retain crucial information.

Relevant Links

Here, we are providing some important links for RPSC RAS Important Notes for the preliminary exam, last-minute guidance and exam instructions. Going through these links will help you out in the final days to become confident and study smarter:-

RPSC RAS Important Topics 

Except these, we have also compiled some important topics from each subject that need your attention in these final days to score well in the RPSC RAS Prelims 2023. Have a look at this table and start revising these topics to get qualified for the next phase of the recruitment process, which is RPSC RAS Mains 2023.


Important Topics 


  • History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan include the rich historical, artistic, cultural, literary, traditional, and heritage aspects of the state of Rajasthan.
  • Indian History:- Ancient & Medieval Period, Modern Period (from early 19th century to 1964)

Geography of World and India:

  • World Geography 
  • Geography of India
  • Geography of Rajasthan

Indian Constitution, Political System & Governance

  • Indian Constitution: Philosophical Postulates
  • Indian Political System

Political and Administrative System of Rajasthan

  • State Political System
  • Administrative System
  • Institutions 
  • Public Policy & Rights

Economic Concepts and Indian Economy

  • Basic Concepts of Economics
  • Economic Development & Planning
  • Human Resource and Economic Development
  • Social Justice and Empowerment
  • Economy of Rajasthan

Science & Technology

  • Basics of Everyday Science
  • Computers, Information and Communication Technology
  • Defence Technology, Space Technology and Satellites.  Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Health care
  • Environmental and Ecological Changes 
  • Biodiversity
  • Agriculture
  • Progress and advancements in the field of Science and Technology

Reasoning & Mental Ability

  • Logical Reasoning (Deductive, Inductive, Abductive) 
  • Mental Ability
  • Basic Numeracy

Current Affairs 

  • Prominent and ongoing developments and critical concerns occurring at regional (Rajasthan), national (India), and global levels.
  • Persons, Places and Institutions in News
  • Games and Sports related activities.

Success in the RPSC RAS Exam 2023 is within your reach, and RPSC RAS Notes can be your trusted companions on this journey. These notes offer you the advantage of comprehensive coverage, expert guidance, and time-efficient learning.

Keep in mind that thorough preparation serves as the fundamental pillar of success in any competitive examination. So, grab your copy of RPSC RAS Notes today, start your journey towards becoming the Rajasthan RAS officer, and conquer the RPSC RAS Exam 2023 with confidence! 

Utkarsh Family Wishes You Good luck!

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