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Six Indian Heritage Projects bag UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards 2023

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 22-12-2023
Six Indian Heritage Projects bag UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards 2023 Award and Honour 4 min read

The UNESCO Asia-Pacific Prize for Cultural Heritage Conservation 2023 has been announced, with six winners from India.

UNESCO Award-winning Countries 2023:

Performance at Global Level:

  • 12 projects from China, India and Nepal were accepted by the award jury into the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Prize 2023 for Cultural Heritage Conservation.
  • The award for new design in heritage contexts was awarded to the Erlitou Site Museum of the Xia Capital in Luoyang, China.

India's performance in UNESCO:

  • Award of Excellence: Rambagh Gate in Amritsar
  • Award of Distinction: Karnikara Mandapam at Kunnamangalam Bhagavathi Temple, Kerala
  • Award of Merit: Church of the Epiphany in Gurugram, Haryana, David Sassoon Library and Reading Room in Mumbai, Bikaner House in New Delhi.
  • Peepal Haveli in Punjab and Sikami Chhen in Kathmandu were awarded 'Special Recognition for Sustainable Development' for their transformative heritage practices.

Kempegowda International Airport wins UNESCO special award:

  • Terminal 2 of Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (KIA) has been considered one of the most beautiful airports in the world.
  • It has been awarded the World Special Prize for 'Interiors 2023' by UNESCO's Prix Versailles.
  • It is the only Indian airport to receive such an honour.

The winning projects in Punjab and Haryana:

Rambagh Gate and Ramparts, Amritsar:

  • Ram Bagh is a garden built during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in Amritsar, Punjab, India.
  • It was completed in 1831 and is named after the fourth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Ram Das, who founded the city of Amritsar.

Church of Epiphany, Gurgaon:

  • From 1856 to 1866, military officers and British residents used this place in the Civil Lines military cantonment for prayers.
  • This church was built when the Bishop of Kolkata came to the Church of Hisar in 1866.
  • The Government of India built the church. Till 1942, the responsibility of its care was with the government and the then DC.
  • During the Second World War, in 1942, it was given to the Society for Propagation of the Gospel and Cambridge Mission, Delhi.

Peepal Haveli, Gurdaspur:

  • Peepal Haveli is a heritage rural homestay in Nawan Pind Sardaran village of Gurdaspur district, Punjab.
  • Peepal Haveli belongs to the Sangha family.
  • The construction of 'The People Haveli' was started 125 years ago by a family led by Sardar Narayan Singh.
  • The village received the "Best Tourism Village" award from the Ministry of Tourism of Punjab in September 2023.

UNESCO Asia-Pacific Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation:

  • The 'Asia-Pacific Heritage Award' has been given by UNESCO since 2000 to fulfil the strategic objectives in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The purpose of this award is to promote the conservation of such cultural heritage areas whose conservation efforts have been initiated by an individual or organisation.
  • It encourages other property owners to undertake conservation projects within their communities, independently or through public-private partnerships.


Ans. 12 projects of China, India and Nepal

Ans. Rambagh Gate and Ramparts, Amritsar

Ans. Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru

Ans. Maharaja Ranjit Singh
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