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Russia to supply remaining units of S-400 missile system next year

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Russia to supply remaining units of S-400 missile system next year Defence 5 min read

Russia will supply the remaining two units of the S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile system in the next year. The new schedule for the delivery of the remaining two units  has been worked out between the Russian and the Indian authorities. Russia will also hand over two Russian built naval frigates, Tushil and Tamal by January 2025.

India is the world's largest importer of arms, and Russia is the largest supplier of defence equipment to India.

Background to the S-400 deal 

In October 2018, India signed a $ 5.5 billion agreement with Russia for the purchase of five units of the S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile system. India said that it needed the anti-missile system to counter China. The United States had warned India at that time that the deal with Russia would invite US sanctions under the provisions of Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

The CAATSA, which was brought in 2017, provides for punitive actions against any country engaged in transactions with the Russian.Iranian and North Korean defence and intelligence sectors.

The United States imposed sanctions on its NATO ally Turkey for acquiring Russian S-400 missiles. However, the US has decided not to impose sanctions on India.

Deployment of the S-400 anti-missile system

Russia started delivery of the first unit of the missile systems in December 2021.Till date three units have been delivered by the Russians. 

The whole five systems were to be delivered by Russia by 2024 but the remaining two systems were delayed by the Russians due to the Ukraine war. Russia diverted the remaining two systems for its own use against Ukraine. 

The Indian Air Force has deployed its three S-400 anti-missile units along borders with China and Pakistan. One unit has been deployed along the Pakistan Border and the other along the Chinese border. One unit looks after both the Chinese and Pakistan front.

Feature of the S-400 anti-missile system 

  • The S-400 S-400 Triumf anti-missile system  is a mobile surface-to-air (SAM) anti-missile defence system. 
  • The S-400 system, which has been code named SA-21 Growler by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), is capable of engaging hostile electronic warfare aircraft, airborne early warning and control systems, strategic bombers, short-range and long-range ballistic missiles, Unmanned AerialVehicle(UAV).
  • S-400 is the fourth generation of long-range Russian surface to air missile system and is  successor to the S-200 and S-300 system.
  • The anti missile system is capable of engaging targets at 250 -400 Km range.

Delivery of Naval Frigates by Russia 

  • India signed an agreement with Russia in 2018 to buy four naval frigates from Russia. 
  • Two Frigates were to be built in Russia while the two were to be manufactured in India under Russian licence.
  • The Russians were to supply two naval ships by 2022 but it was delayed due to the Ukraine war.
  • The Russians will deliver the first frigate Tushil in September 2024 while the second warship Tamal will be delivered in January 2025. 


Answer: Russia.

Answer: Russia.

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