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Nuclear Sanctions on Iran by the UK, France, and Germany Continue

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Nuclear Sanctions on Iran by the UK, France, and Germany Continue International news 4 min read

Britain, France and Germany (E3) have announced to maintain nuclear proliferation sanctions previously imposed on Iran.

Sanctions were imposed on Iran by Britain, France and Germany for violating the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. The period of this ban is going to end in October 2023.

The reason for its continuation by these 3 countries of Europe (E3):

  • In this context, it is believed that Iran's supply of drones and missiles to Russia in the Russia-Ukraine conflict was against the Western countries.
  • The E3 countries believe Iran has violated sanctions by developing and testing ballistic missiles and sending drones to Russia for the war on Ukraine.

Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Deal:

  • In the year 2015, Iran had signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action deal. Which is also known as the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.
  • Under this deal, Iran had agreed to limit nuclear activities. Under this agreement, Iran cannot buy or sell missiles or drones to any country.

E3 placed conditions before Iran:

  • The ministries of these three countries (E3) have said that they can withdraw their decision if Iran considers fulfilling its agreement commitments.
  • However, Iran has criticized this move, saying that this decision is 'illegal and provocative'.
  • Under the agreement, the sanctions imposed on Iran for buying and selling weapons were to end in October 2023.
  • After the end of these sanctions, Iran could buy or sell a missile or drone with a range of up to 300 km, but even before this, Iran was accused of violating the agreement and the decision to lift the sanctions was put on hold.

Sanctions have been imposed on Iran in the past also:

  • In the year 2006-07, a ban on nuclear trade was imposed on Iran by the Security Council.
  • Even in the year 2010, the Security Council banned the purchase of military weapons.
  • In 2015, Iran signed the agreement, after which Iran got some exemptions, but in 2020, America again announced sanctions (snap vac) and pulled itself out of the agreement.
  • However, the then President Donald Trump was criticized a lot for this decision of America.
  • Under the agreement signed in 2015, there was a condition that the sanctions were to be completely repealed after a review of Iran's nuclear activities after a few years.


Ans. - Britain, France and Germany (E3)

Ans. - 2015 Iran nuclear deal
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