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Jose Raul Mulino wins Panama’s Presidential election

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Jose Raul Mulino wins Panama’s Presidential election Person in News 5 min read

José Raúl Mulino has won Panama’s presidential election after three of his nearest rivals conceded defeat. The 64-year-old former security minister has secured nearly 35% of the counted votes, with more than 92% of the votes counted. He has an unassailable 9 per cent lead over his nearest rival.

The outgoing president, Laurentino Cortizo, congratulated Jose Raul Mulino. 

Elections were held in Panama on 5 May 2024 to elect a new president, parliament, and local governments for the next five years.

Mulino Stand in Candidate for Ricardo Martinelli

Jose Raul Mulino was initially chosen as a Vice-Presidential candidate by former president Ricardo Martinelli, who was himself the Presidential candidate. 

Ricardo Martinelli had to leave the Presidential race after he was convicted of money laundering and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Ricardo Martinelli fled and sought political asylum in the Nicaraguan embassy in the capital. 

Jose Raul Mulino replaced Ricardo Martinelli as the Presidential candidate and was supported by Martinelli. 

Jose Raul Mulino, who stood on the Achieving Goals and Alliance parties ticket, acknowledged Ricardo Martinelli's help and support.

Problematic Panama’s Economy 

Jose Raul Mulino will inherit an economy that is expected to grow by 2.5 % in 2024. Panama faces high-income inequality, and the unemployment rate is around 10 per cent. A severe drought has affected traffic in the economically important Panama Canal. The country also faces high public debt and declining foreign Investment.

It also faces the problem of a huge number of illegal migrants trying to cross to the United States through its jungles. The continuing illegal migration to the U S is also causing a diplomatic problem between the US and Panama.

Government in Panama 

Panama has a popularly elected representative form of government. Under the 1983 constitution, the president is the head of the executive and is directly elected by the people.

The term of the president is five-year

A person can be president for only one term in Panama,

The vice-president is also directly elected by the people for a term of five years. A person can be Vice President for one term only. Normally, the election of the President and Vice-President is held together.

The Panamanian parliament, the National Assembly, has 71 members. The members of the National Assembly are directly elected by the people for a term of five years. The members of the National Assembly are eligible for re-election.

About the Republic of Panama 

Panama is a Central American country which is situated on the isthmus of Panama.

The Panama isthmus connects the North American and the South American continents.

Panama is famous for its Panama Canal, which connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean and is an important global maritime trade route.

The Panama Canal is an 82 km long man-made canal that was controlled by the United States. On 31 December 1999, the United States government transferred ownership of the canal to Panama.

Capital: Panama City 

Currency: Balboa

President :  Laurentino Cortizo


Answer: Jose Raul Mulino

Answer: Five years.

Answer: Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. It is 82 km long.

Answer: Panama City

Answer: Balboa
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