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International Nurses Day 2024: Date, Theme, And History

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International Nurses Day 2024: Date, Theme, And History Important Day 4 min read

Every year, 12 May is observed as International Nurses Day as a tribute to Florence Nightingale, who was born on this day. In certain countries of the world like Australia, Canada, and the United States, International Nurses Day is part of a weeklong celebration which ends on 12 May. This celebration is often known as  National Nurses Week.

The day is observed to highlight the importance of nurses and the vital role they play in the healthcare sector. Despite being the backbone of the healthcare sector, nurses' importance is not valued and appreciated by the community. To change this perception, International Nurses Day is organised.

History of  the International Nurses Day 

The International Council of Nurses celebrated the first International Nurses Day on 12 May 1974 to bring the attention of policymakers and the public to the important role nurses play in modern health care.

Since then, it has been observed worldwide every year. It is a tribute to Florence Nightingale, who is considered the philosopher of modern nursing.

Who is Florence Nightingale?

Florence Nightingale, born on 12 May 1820 in Florence, Italy, was a British nurse and social reformer.

She was in charge of the camp set up in Turkey (now Turkiye) to care for the wounded British and Allied soldiers during the Crimean War (1853-56) in Europe. She was a compassionate woman who provided personal care to the wounded soldiers. Even at night, she was on duty carrying a lamp, which is why she was also called Lady with the Lamp.

After the war, she was the main force behind establishing the first modern nursing school, the Nightingale School of Nursing, at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London (opened in 1860).

Theme of the 2024 International Nurses Day 

Every year, the International Council of Nurses select a theme. The theme for the 2024 International Nurses Day is - ‘Our Nurses Our Future, The Economic Power of Care.’

The theme highlights nurses' contribution to global economic growth. According to a report commissioned by the International Council Of Nurses, poor health costs the global economy 15% of the Gross Domestic Product. If people are healthy, this loss can be minimised. Nurses can play an important role in making people healthy but it needs adequate investment in the nursing profession.


Answer: 12 May

Answer 12 May 1974

Answer:‘Our Nurses Our Future, The Economic Power of Care’

Answer: Florence Nightingale of Britain. On her birthday, International Nurses Day is observed on 12 May.
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