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International Day of the UN Peacekeepers 2024: Theme and Background

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International Day of the UN Peacekeepers 2024: Theme and Background Important Day 6 min read

Every year, 29 May is observed as the International Day of the UN Peacekeepers. This day is observed to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of over 4000 peacekeepers who have lost their lives while trying to bring peace in strife-torn areas of the world. The day also urges the global community to join and strengthen the global movement for peace. 

Background to the International Day of the UN Peacekeepers 

The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution in December 2002 to observe 29 May as the International Day of the UN Peacekeepers. 

29 May was chosen by the United Nations  as on this day in 1948 the UN Security Council passed a resolution to authorise the first United Nations peacekeeping operation in West Asia.  The Security Council created the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation (UNTSO) to monitor the ceasefire agreement between the newly created country of  Israel and its Arab neighbours who were opposing its creation. 

The first International Day of the UN Peacekeepers was observed on 29 May 2003.

Theme of the 2024 International Day of the UN Peacekeeping 

The United Nations announces the theme of the International Day of the UN Peacekeeping every year.

This year, the theme of the International Day of the UN Peacekeeping is Fit for the future, building better together.” 

What is UN Peacekeeping and its History?

The main objective of the United Nations is the maintenance of international peace and security in the world. The United Nations sends its personnel known as UN Peacekeepers or Blue Helmets to the conflict areas of the world to maintain peace. 

The soldiers of the United Nations peacekeeping force wear distinct blue-coloured helmets hence, they are also famous as Blue Helmets. The United Nations personnel can be unarmed observers or could be armed military personnel.

The United Nations does not take sides in the conflict, but it goes there as a neutral force to maintain peace.

Only the United Nations Security Council has the power to authorise peacekeeping operations. 

The United Nations does not have its own military or police force. The staff for the UN peacekeeping operation comes from the 193 member countries of the United Nations. It is not compulsory for the member countries to contribute to the UN peacekeeping force, rather, it is voluntary. 

India is the second largest contributor to the UN peacekeeping operation.

The United Nations has conducted more than 70 peacekeeping operations since 1948. At present, UN peacekeeping operations are ongoing in 11 regions of the world, including India and Pakistan.

United Nations peacekeeping operations in India and Pakistan

The United Nations Security Council authorised a UN peacekeeping operation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which was a scene of conflict between India and Pakistan. The United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) arrived in Jammu and Kashmir on 24 January 1949 to supervise the ceasefire between India and Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir.

After the 1971 war between India and Pakistan the UNMOGIP job is to  observe the ceasefire of 17 December 1971 between the countries and directly report to the United Nations  Secretary-General.

The UNMOGIP consists of experts and civilians, and no armed military force is deployed here.

Award for the UN Peacekeepers 

The 1988 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the United Nations peacekeeping forces by the Nobel Committee.


Answer: 29 May

Answer: 29 May 2003.

Answer: Fit for the future, building better together.

Answer: 1948, in West Asia to monitor peace between Israel and Arab countries

Answer: 1988

Answer: Soldiers of the United Nations Peacekeepers are known as blue helmets as they wear helmets which are blue in colour.
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