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Indians to pay a special fee for entry in El Salvador 

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 30-10-2023
Indians to pay a special fee for entry in El Salvador  International news 4 min read

The tiny Central American country El Salvador has started charging USD 1000 fee from the African and Indian travelling to the country.

Why did El Salvador take such a step?

  • This is seen as a move by the El Salvadoran government to stop migration to the United States of America (USA) through El Salvador.
  • The new fee which works out to be USD $1,130 after inclusion of Value Added Taxes (VAT) on the travellers of Africa and India came into effect from 23rd October 2023.

This decision was taken with American consent:

  • The decision of the El Salvadoran government comes after the meeting between the El Salvador President Nayib Bukele and the top ranking American government.
  • Central American countries are one of the popular routes for illegal migration to the USA.

International airport to be upgraded with special levy funds

  • According to the  El Salvadoran government the money raised through the special fee will be used to improve the nation’s main international airport. 
  • The El Salvador government has made it mandatory for the airlines flying to the country to notify Salvadoran authorities about the  passengers coming from the list of countries in Africa, and India.

Illegal Migration to US through Central Asia: 

  • One of the major sources of migrants to the US has been from countries of the Northern Triangle- Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. 
  • These three countries are one of the poorest countries of Central America and prone to violence and economic hardships. 
  • These people flee to the US for better economic opportunities. 
  • In 2022  more than 5 lakh people tried to cross into the US through the Mexico border. 
  • Many of these people try to enter the US illegally through the Mexico border.  
  • Many Africans and Indians also use this illegal route to enter the USA. 
  • To stop the entry of the illegal migrants to the US the US government provides economic assistance to these countries and works with these countries authorities to curb the flow of illegal migrants.

El Salvador: 

  • It is one of the seven Central American Countries. The other’s are Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic.
  • El Salvador is the smallest country amongst the Central American countries. It is the only Central American country which does not share the Carribean coast.
  • Capital: San Salvador 
  • Currency: US Dollar
  • President: Nayib Bukele


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