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India Slips 8 Places In Ti's Corruption Perception Index 2023

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 31-01-2024
India Slips 8 Places In Ti's Corruption Perception Index 2023 Report 5 min read

Transparency International (TI) released the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2023 on January 30, 2024. India slipped 8 places to 93rd in CPI, as India's rank in 2022 was 85th.

The report is based on the perceptions of business people:

  • This index has been prepared on the basis of the perceptions of experts and business people. According to this, 180 countries and territories are ranked, taking into account the perceived levels of public sector corruption.

India's score in CPI 2023:

  • A scale of 0 to 100 is used for this ranking. Where 0 indicates extremely corrupt and 100 indicates very honest.
  • On this basis, in 2023, India's overall score stood at 39 (93rd position), while in 2022 it was 40 (85th position).

Position of India's neighboring countries in CPI 2023:

  • The CPI 2023 report ranks India in a better position than its neighbours. In this, except Bhutan (26) and China (76), other countries have been ranked below India.
    • Myanmar : 162
    • Bangladesh :149
    • Pakistan : 133
    • Sri Lanka : 115
    • China : 76
    • Bhutan : 26
  • According to CPI 2023, in South Asia, both Pakistan (133) and Sri Lanka (115) are struggling with debt burdens. These countries are facing political instability.
  • Bangladesh (149) has moved out of the least developed country (LDC) status. This economic growth has been possible due to the sustained reduction in poverty and improvements in living conditions.
  • China has been placed at number 76 in this list. China has stepped up its aggressive anti-corruption crackdown by punishing more than 3.5 million public officials.

2024 is a big election year in Asia-Pacific:

  • According to CPI 2023, 2024 is a big election year in the Asia Pacific region. During this period, people will vote in America, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Solomon Islands, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Asia Pacific region scores below the global average:

  • 71 percent of countries in Asia and the Pacific have a CPI score below the regional average score of 45 out of 100 and the global average of 43.

Countries with least corruption:

  • According to this report, Denmark is the first place where corruption is most prevalent, whereas countries like New Zealand (3) and Singapore (5) have higher scores and less corruption.

Countries with strong corruption control mechanisms:

  • According to the report, other countries with strong corruption control mechanisms are ranked like Australia (14), Hong Kong (14), Japan (16), Bhutan (26), Taiwan (28) and South Korea (32).

Countries with most corruption:

  • North Korea (172), Myanmar and Afghanistan (162) are at the bottom of the index.
  • Somalia is the most corrupt country in terms of corruption. Somalia is at the bottom of the list of 180 countries in the world.

Most countries score less than 50 in CPI 2023:

  • The report said that the score of more than two-thirds of the countries is less than 50, which points towards increasing corruption in these countries. The average score globally is stuck at 43.
  • Most countries have either made no progress in the second decade of the 21st century or their scores have declined further, whereas 23 countries have reached their lowest score to date in 2023.


Answer:- 93rd place

Answer:- Eight

Answer:- Somalia

Answer:- Denmark
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