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GRWI - India Ranked Among The Worst Countries for Remote Work

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 23-10-2023
GRWI - India Ranked Among The Worst Countries for Remote Work Index 3 min read

According to the latest research released by cyber security company Nordlayer on October 18, 2023, India has been ranked 64th out of 108 countries in the Global Remote Work Index (GRWI).

  • India's rank has seen a significant drop of 15 places compared to last year.

Reason for India's decline in rank:

  • India has performed poorly in all four parameters. India ranks 77th in digital and physical infrastructure and 74th in social security.
  • In the report, India's e-infrastructure has been found to be the least developed in the world, placing it at 95th position.
  • Apart from this, India's internet connection is ranked 78th in terms of cost and 70th in terms of poor quality.
  • This decline in India's rank can be mainly attributed to India's poor digital and physical infrastructure and social security.

On what parameters are countries ranked?

  • The GRWI, developed and published by cyber security company Nordlayer, evaluates countries based on four fundamental criteria for remote work success:
    • Cyber security: This includes infrastructure, response capabilities and legal measures.
    • Economic security: This includes tourist attractions, English language proficiency, cost of living, and health care.
    • Digital and physical infrastructure: Considers Internet quality and affordability, e-infrastructure, e-government, and physical infrastructure.
    • Social Security: Examines individual rights, inclusivity and security.
  • The top 10 countries in the Global Remote Work Index (GRWI) are:-
  1. Denmark
  2. Netherlands
  3. Germany
  4. Spain
  5. Sweden
  6. Portugal
  7. Estonia
  8. Lithuania
  9. Ireland
  10. Slovakia

India's position in GRWI:

  • India was ranked 49th in GRWI last year. But this year, due to poor performance in all its dimensions, it has slipped to 64th position. India's ranking in various parameters of GRWI:
    • Digital and physical infrastructure (77)
    • Social Security (74)
    • E-infrastructure is ranked 95th
    • Internet connection strength (78) and
    • Quality (70) shows challenges in both.
  • In terms of cyber and economic security, India has average performance (56 and 55 respectively).
  • Health care (93) is below attractive standards. India maintains a fair position in cyber infrastructure (13) and response capability (19).
  • Compared to its neighboring countries, India is ahead of both Pakistan (93) and Nepal (89).


Nordlayer (Cyber Security Company)

64th (India has been placed at 64th position.)



Cyber security, economic security, digital and physical infrastructure and social security.
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