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Navy hosts Joint HADR ‘CHAKRAVAT-2023’ the Disaster Relief Exercise

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Navy hosts Joint HADR ‘CHAKRAVAT-2023’ the Disaster Relief Exercise Military exercise 7 min read

The 2023 edition of the three-day annual Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Exercise ‘CHAKRAVAT’ hosted by the Indian Navy began on October 9 in Goa. All three armed forces, paramilitary forces and several disaster response organizations are participating in this exercise ‘CHAKRAVAT’ 2023.

  • The annual Joint Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Exercise ‘CHAKRAVAT’ is being conducted by the Indian Navy off Goa from 9 to 11 October.


  • The Annual Joint HADR Exercise (AJHE) is a result of the Prime Minister's directive announced during the Joint Commanders' Conference-2015.

Who Participates in the Exercise CHAKRAVAT?

  • CHAKRAVAT, an annual joint HADR exercise since its first edition in 2015, involves participation from all three services, paramilitary forces as well as multiple disaster response organisations, NGOs, academic institutions and international organisations.

Eight Countries from the Indian Ocean region are Participating in the Exercise CHAKRAVAT :

  • This 2023 edition will further coordinate efforts at the national level among all stakeholders, with eight countries from the Indian Ocean region also participating in the exercise.

By whom is CHAKRAVAT Organized?

  • The exercise has been conducted by the Indian Army, Indian Navy (IN) and Indian Air Force (IAF) on rotation basis since 2016.
  • The last edition of the exercise was conducted by the Indian Air Force in Agra. The 2023 edition of the exercise is being conducted by the Indian Navy at Goa from 09 to 11 Oct 23.

What is the Purpose of Exercise CHAKRAVAT?

  • The exercise aims to develop collective and coordinated effective response mechanisms to deal with humanitarian crises and natural disasters.
  • Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) operations are a key component in the Indian Navy's militating role, as climate change has significantly increased the vulnerability of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) to natural disasters.

Dealing with the Challenges Posed by Climate Change:

  • The challenge posed by climate change is further compounded by the limited capacity of coastal IOR states to respond to this rapidly growing threat.
  • The Indian Armed Forces have been frequently called upon to provide assistance to our friends and partners in the region, reinforcing the need and our resolve to be the 'first responders' in the region.
  • While the three Services continue to provide relief and assistance in the event of a disaster, a whole of government approach will further enhance our preparedness and response to such unfortunate events.

Which Agencies are Participating in the Exercise CHAKRAVAT?

  • Apart from the three services of the Indian Army, various national agencies participate in this exercise, this can be seen in the following points:
    • National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA),
    • National Disaster Response Force (NDRF),
    • National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM),
    • Indian Meteorological Department (IMD),
    • National Remote Sensing Agencies (NRSA),
    • State Disaster Management Agency (SDMA) and State Fire Service, Goa,
    • Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS),
    • Central Water Commission (CWC),
    • Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
    • Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and
    • Representatives of friendly foreign countries participate in this exercise.

Performance of Joint Partnership:

  • The insignia of this year's exercise depicts the crests and insignia of all participating agencies and the flags of all countries in a single unit, indicating that HADR will depend on joint and integrated action by all agencies.

What events are being organized during the exercise CHAKRAVAT?

  • The planned three-day AJHE-23 includes a seminar, a table-top exercise and a multi-agency capacity demonstration.
  • Discussions about emergent topics such as Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction: Practical Solutions, Disaster Response in IOR: A Collaborative Approach and NGO Collaboration in Disaster Reduction and Response: Integrated Approach by subject matter experts during the seminar on 09 October 23 Will be adopted.
  • An industrial showcase has been planned on 10 & 11 Oct 23 in which various HADR equipment will be displayed by FICCI, Army, IN, IAF, ICG, NDRF, SDMA and NSRC.
  • Additionally, a multi-agency capacity demonstration will be conducted on 11 Oct 23, showcasing exercises on rescue and relief to highlight nuances and important lessons learned.

Important full forms for the exam:

  • HADR:- Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief
  • IOR:- Indian Ocean Region
  • AJHE:- Annual Joint HADR Exercise


Answer- Goa

Answer- Indian Navy

Answer - By all three armed forces sequentially

Answer - 2015

Answer - Apart from various agencies of India, eight countries of the Indian Ocean region are also participating in this exercise.
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