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ASEAN countries conducted ASEAN Solidarity Exercise near South China Sea

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ASEAN countries conducted ASEAN Solidarity Exercise near South China Sea Defence 3 min read

ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries began their first joint naval exercise named ‘ASEAN Solidarity Exercise’ near the South China Sea on 19 September 2023.

The five-day (19 September to 23 September 2023) exercise is being conducted in the Natuna waters of Indonesia, which is located near the South China Sea.

  • ASEAN countries launched this exercise at a time when many member states are reacting more strongly to increasing Chinese aggression in the region.

ASEAN Solidarity Exercise:

  • According to Indonesian military chief Admiral Yudo Margono, the non-combat exercise named 'ASEAN Solidarity Exercise' includes joint maritime patrol operations, search and rescue operations and humanitarian and disaster relief.

The objective of the exercise:

  • The five-day exercise, held in the Natuna waters of Indonesia, aims to boost military ties and enhance interoperability among ASEAN countries.

ASEAN countries signal China through naval exercise:

  • However, this practice has also involved civilian organisations in humanitarian relief and disaster prevention.
  • ASEAN countries have previously participated in naval exercises with other countries. In which both America and China used to participate, but in this week's exercise, only ASEAN countries are included.
  • This move of ASEAN countries is being seen by strategists as a signal to China.
  • China's 'nine-dash line', which it uses to demarcate its claim to most of the South China Sea.
  • China's move has embroiled it in a tense standoff with rival claimants Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines.

ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations):

  • ASEAN was established in 1967 with the signing by the founding nations of the ASEAN Declaration (Bangkok Declaration).
  • ASEAN is a group of ten countries which is considered one of the most influential groupings in Southeast Asia.
  • ASEAN includes Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Brunei, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar.
  • ASEAN countries are located at strategically important intersections of the Indo-Pacific region, making ASEAN a focal point for regional and global powers.
  • Founding Nations: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.


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Ans. - Natuna Watershed of Indonesia (located near the South China Sea).

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