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Ahmad Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Appointed As New PM Of Kuwait

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 16-04-2024
Ahmad Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Appointed As New PM Of Kuwait Person in News 3 min read

On Monday, the Emir of Kuwait announced the appointment of Ahmad Abdullah al-Ahmad al-Sabah as the new Prime Minister, succeeding Sheikh Mohammed Sabah al-Salem al-Sabah, who resigned in April. This latest development followed the election of a new parliament, which marks the fourth since December 2020. 

  • Sheikh Ahmad has an impressive background in finance and government. He obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, majoring in Finance (Banking and Investment), from the University of Illinois in 1976.
  • Over the years, he held various positions at Kuwait's Finance Center and the Central Bank of Kuwait. In addition, he served as the chairman of the board for Burgan Bank before taking up different ministerial positions, including Minister of Finance, Minister of Communications, Minister of Planning, Minister of State for Administrative Affairs, Minister of Health, and Minister of Oil.
  • It's worth noting that Kuwait's political system disallows political parties, but it has a relatively open political environment compared to other Gulf states. The Emir holds ultimate authority in state matters.

About Kuwait

  • Kuwait is a sovereign state situated on the northern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, bordered by Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south.
  • The country is framed by the northwestern part of the Persian Gulf, also known as the Arabian Gulf, and shares maritime boundaries with Iran. Kuwait consists of a landmass and several islets, the most prominent of which are Bubiyan, Warbah, and Failaka. 
  • The capital city of Kuwait is also named Kuwait, and the official language spoken is Arabic, although English is widely spoken and used as the lingua franca. The sanctioned religion in Kuwait is Islam and the country is a member of the League of Arab States and one of six member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


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