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43% Indians have unfavorable opinion of Taiwan: Pew Research Center

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 06-01-2024
43% Indians have unfavorable opinion of Taiwan: Pew Research Center Report 2 min read

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center, an American think tank, revealed that 43% of Indians hold an unfavorable opinion of Taiwan. 

The survey also showed that only 37% of Indians view Taiwan favorably, while 20% have no specific opinion on the matter. 

  • Among 24 high- and middle-income countries, Taiwan receives favorable opinions overall.

  • In these countries, an average of 48% hold a positive view of Taiwan, 28% have an unfavorable view, and 25% remain undecided.

  • The unfavorable stance of Indians towards Taiwan is influenced by Taiwan's similar attitude towards India as that of the Chinese government.

  • Taiwan claims India's Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh regions, which contributes to India's negative perception of Taiwan.

Japan, quite positive towards Taiwan:

  • In contrast, Japan exhibits the most positive attitude towards Taiwan, with 82% of Japanese respondents expressing a favorable view. 

  • South Korea, Australia, Israel, and the United States also hold favorable opinions of Taiwan.

Different stance on Taiwan and China:

  • Interestingly, opinions regarding Taiwan and China tend to be opposing among high-income countries. For instance, Japan, Australia, and South Korea hold favorable views of Taiwan but not of China.

  • Meanwhile, some countries like Mexico have favorable opinions of both Taiwan and China, while in India, a significant proportion holds negative views of both nations.


  • Capital: Taipei

  • Currency: Dollar

  • President: Sai Ing Wen

  • Prime Minister: Chen Chien-Jen

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