The Best Strategy to Help You Prepare for NEET

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  • Oct 05, 2020
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The Best Strategy to Help You Prepare for NEET

Over 10 lac students appeared in the NEET entrance test but only 30% of students clear the cut-off score and only 10% are able to grab government colleagues. Check the points on how to prepare for sure shot selection in NEET. 

NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, which is a national-level entrance exam conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency) for enrolling candidates in undergraduate medical courses like MBBS and BDS in the colleges of India. It is a gateway exam for the medical aspirants in India, and every year, millions of students sit in this exam.

By dint of the high number of applicants in the exam, the elevated difficulty level, and the vast syllabus of the exam, it is considered as one of the most challenging exams in India. To ace such a challenging exam, the candidates must have a solid preparation. Only by using the right strategy and a proper study plan can a student ace this dreaded exam.

In this article, we will help the candidates to keep their best foot forward and ace the NEET exam by guiding them with the best strategy to prepare for this exam. The candidates must go through this article to ensure that they pass the NEET exam with flying colors.

Know the Syllabus and Paper Pattern

The first step for preparing for any exam is getting familiar with the exam syllabus and paper pattern. Knowing the syllabus and exam pattern beforehand is imperative, and the correct understanding of the curriculum can place you miles ahead of your competition. 

Always refer to the official website of the exam to know the syllabus. This way, you will get to know the latest curriculum and then devise your timetable accordingly.  Try to include all the topics in your schedule and have deadlines for the completion of each. Assign a time slot to each segment as per its weightage.

Brush the Basics

Many students overlook the importance of fundamentals and jump directly to more advanced questions. However, to have a proper understanding of complex topics, you must first be thorough with the basics, and only then you can effortlessly prepare for all the topics. 

Many times, the questions are asked from the most fundamental topics, and the students cannot process it as they have the knowledge of the complex topics but no idea about the basics.   

Follow Spaced Learning

Spaced Learning is a modern approach towards learning where a learner repeats the learning process three times with a break of 10 minutes between each attempt. This process is repeated the next day too. This method utilizes the stimuli response in a human body and ensures that the brain retains the information better and longer. This way, you will be able to learn more efficiently in lesser time.

Practice Regularly

Regular practice is imperative while preparing for the NEET exam. The topics in the NEET syllabus are very complex, and forgetting them after a certain time is natural. To avoid forgetting what you have studied, weekly revisions are a must. You can plan your revision sessions at your convenience. 

Take Full-Length Mock Tests

Mock Tests are a great way of identifying your weak points, which is crucial during the NEET preparations. By solving these mock tests, the students will get to know which topics require more of their attention so that they can mold their strategy accordingly and prepare for the best. There are many websites that offer high-quality, Free Mock Tests for NEET

Practice Previous Year Papers

Solving previous year papers can give the students an idea about the paper pattern and help them know what kind of questions are asked in the examination. It will prepare them mentally for the examination, and they will not have a hard time while appearing in the actual NEET exam. 

Refer to Limited yet High-Quality Study Material

Many students get on a spree of buying books and other study materials while preparing for NEET in the haste of getting as much information as possible. However, this can do more harm than good. The candidates must limit their resources as the more study material they have, the more confused they will be. Choose quality over quantity and choose the best study material available. Get a new book only when you finish the previous one or if you feel that certain topics are missing from your book.

Take up NEET Online Coaching

There are many NEET Online Coaching available on the internet, which can help you boost your preparations for the exam. These courses provide a very comprehensive learning experience to students where they get all the perks of a coaching center without actually visiting it. They are provided with high-quality study material, student support, test series, mock tests, previous year papers, and much more.

Don’t go on a Studying Marathon

Avoid studying for long hours in one go as it can stress your mind and can also become very monotonous. Ensure that you give yourself short breaks between long hours to keep your mind fresh and active. 

Meditate & Practice Yoga

Meditation and Yoga can be beneficial to you while preparing for your exam as they can aid you in relaxing and de-stressing your mind. This will lighten up your mood and rejuvenate your mind, which, in turn, will increase your focus and concentration while studying.

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