Chisel you General Knowledge – The Current Affair Blog for January 23

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  • Jan 23, 2021
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Chisel you General Knowledge – The Current Affair Blog for January 23

Current Affairs is a very crucial subject when it comes to the preparation for a competitive exam. Staying updated with the current happenings becomes imperative if you wish to succeed in any competitive exam. However, students struggle to find a reliable source where they can find all the current affairs on a daily basis.

To cater to this problem of the students, Utkarsh brings you the daily update of the day, concluding the most significant events of the day from around the world. 

Justice GK Vyas appointed as Chairman of Rajasthan Human Rights Commission

  • Justice GK Vyas, a former judge of the Rajasthan High Court, was appointed as the chairman of the State Human Rights Commission on Friday.
  • Along with the appointment of the chairman, former IPS officer Mahesh Goyal has been appointed as a member of the Human Rights Commission.
  • With these appointments, the Commission’s strength has gained full quorum. Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma, the sole member of the Commission, is acting as the Acting Chairman of the Commission.
  • The post of Chairman of the Commission became vacant in November 2019 after Justice Prakash Tatia resigned from the post.
  • The Chief Minister and the opposition leader met on the second day and sent the recommendation of the names of Justices Vyas and Mahesh Goyal to the Governor.
  • The state government was facing the neglect of various statutory commissions due to the delay in appointments of human rights activists.

Biden administration to review US-Taliban peace agreement

  • US President Joe Biden’s administration has said it’ll review the US-Taliban pact signed last year and assess if the militant group “was living up to its commitments”. 
  • The agreement calls for Taliban to cut ties with terror groups and reduce violence in Afghanistan. 
  • Under the deal, US forces are to leave Afghanistan by May 2021 in exchange for counter-terrorism guarantees.
  • The Trump administration had signed the peace deal with Taliban in February last in Doha. 
  • The accord drew up plans for withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in exchange for security guarantees from the insurgent group. 
  • As part of the deal, the US committed to withdraw its 12,000 troops within 14 months. There are currently only 2,500 American troops left in the country.

Dr Harsh Vardhan inaugurates 7th Edition of MASCRADE 2021

  • The 7th edition of ‘MASCRADE 2021 – Movement against Smuggled & Counterfeit Trade’ was inaugurated by Dr Harsh Vardhan, the Union Minister of Health and Family welfare. 
  • The two-day programme was organized by FICCI CASCADE (Committee Against Smuggling and Counterfeiting Activities Destroying the Economy), to combat illicit trade, especially in a post COVID era.
  • The event provided a platform to deliberate and discuss actionable, innovative policy solutions that can reverse the rising incidences of counterfeit, smuggled and spurious products, causing significant damage to the economy of the nation, health and safety of people worldwide.

The Union Minister of Tribal Affairs Shri Arjun Munda Virtually Launches “Shramshakti” Portal

  • The Union Minister of Tribal Affairs Shri Arjun Munda has launched a National Migration Support Portal “ShramShakti”, during a virtual programme organised at Panjim, Goa. 
  • The portal will help the government in smooth formulation of state and national level programs for migrant workers.
  • Shram Shakti portal will address the data gap and empower migrant workers who generally migrate in search of employment and income generation. 
  • The government would also be able to link the migrant population with existing Welfare Scheme- under Atam Nirbhar Bharat.
  • The minister also launched “ShramSaathi”, a training manual for migrant workers, to ensure that the process of livelihood migration is safe and productive. Apart from this, a dedicated Migration cell was also launched in Goa to facilitate and support migrants who come from different States to Goa. 
  • This makes Goa first destination state of India to set up a dedicated migration cell to address diverse issues of migrant workers.

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