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Haryana HCS Previous Year Paper PDF With Solutions

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Haryana HCS Previous Year Paper PDF With Solutions

HPSC HCS Exam 2023 is scheduled to be conducted on 11 February 2024 and admit card for the same is out now. Candidates can download their admit cards and start revising the whole curriculum again to score well in the HPSC HCS 2023 Exam. The Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) administers the Haryana Civil Service (Executive Branch) & other Allied Services examinations, which serve as the recruitment platform for various positions. These include Deputy Superintendent of Police, District Food and Supplies Controller, District Food and Supplies Officer, Assistant Excise and Taxation Officer, Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies, Block Development and Panchayat Officer, Excise and Taxation Officer, Traffic Manager, Assistant Employment Officer, and 'A' Class Naib Tehsildar.

If you are one of those who are going to appear in the HPSC HCS Exam this year or want to appear in the HPSC HCS for a further year then you are at the right place. As we are sharing the secret of successful candidates, “Previous Year Question Paper”! HPSC HCS Prelims is just a few days away and candidates are hustling between many study materials, YouTube videos, formulas, tips etc. Scroll down this page to get more information.

Download HPSC HCS Previous Year Paper PDFs

HPSC HCS Previous Year Question Paper is the most important tool for the candidates in these final days. Revising these Previous Year Papers will help you evaluate your preparation level and introspection. So that you will be able to divide your time and focus on your weaker and stronger areas. We are providing a table with HPSC HCS PYQ PDFs for both prelims and mains below:-

                                            Haryana HCS Exam PYQ Paper 

                                                      HPSC HCS Prelims PYQ

HCS 2021 Prelims CSAT Paper 

HCS 2021 Prelims GS Paper

HCS 2019 Prelims CSAT Paper

HCS 2019 Prelims GS Paper

                                                  HPSC HCS Mains PYQ Papers

























Benefits Of Solving HPSC HCS PYQ

In the final stretch of exam preparation, candidates often find themselves confused with numerous questions and uncertainties. This is where Previous Year Questions (PYQs) become invaluable tools to navigate the complexities and reduce stress. By providing concise and targeted information,  PYQs offer several benefits that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your last-minute preparations.

Clarity and Focus: PYQ Papers are helpful in addressing common questions and topics, it helps candidates to  gain clarity in crucial topics. In the last days of preparation, it is essential to focus on topics and areas that cover high weightage. PYQs serve as compasses, directing candidates toward the most pertinent information and ensuring that their study efforts are targeted and purposeful.

Efficient Time Management: With time running out, efficient time management is paramount. PYQs provide a shortcut to understanding complex topics and enable candidates to streamline their study sessions. By prioritizing areas covered in PYQs, candidates can allocate their time more effectively, ensuring that they cover the most important aspects of the syllabus.

Identifying Common Pitfalls: Previous Year Questions often highlight common pitfalls and misconceptions that candidates may encounter during the exam. By familiarizing themselves with these pitfalls, candidates can take proactive measures to avoid common mistakes. This not only boosts confidence but also prevents the loss of valuable marks due to avoidable errors.

Last-Minute Revision Aid: In the final days, comprehensive revision becomes a key component of exam preparation. PYQs act as concise summaries of important topics, making them ideal for last-minute review. Candidates can use PYQs to refresh their memory on important concepts, ensuring that they enter the exam hall with a solid grasp of key subject matter.

Boosting Confidence: The assurance that comes from having answers to the Previous Year Questions can significantly boost a candidate's confidence. Confidence is a vital component of exam success, and PYQs act as confidence-building tools by providing a quick reference to key information. This, in turn, reduces anxiety and allows candidates to approach the exam with a positive mindset.

Customizing Study Strategies: Understanding the types of questions commonly asked allows candidates to tailor their study strategies accordingly. Whether it's practising more problems of a specific type or revisiting certain theoretical concepts, PYQs empower candidates to customize their approach, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the exam format and question patterns.

Identifying important topics and trends: Practising HPSC HCS Previous years papers acts as a compass, directing you to significant topics and recurring trends in the test. This insight enables you to prioritize your study agenda, concentrating on the sections that hold greater significance in the examination.

How To Solve Haryana HCS Previous Year Papers

Effectively navigating HPSC HCS Previous Year Papers (PYP) and enhancing your performance involves following these steps:

Avoid Distraction: Choose a quiet and comfortable environment to solve the papers. Minimize interruptions and use a countdown timer or stopwatch to replicate exam conditions.

Strategic Question Approach: Start addressing questions that you find familiar and can confidently answer. This builds momentum and boosts your self-assurance. Gradually progress to less familiar questions as you move through the paper.

Time Management: Keep a close eye on the timer, adhering to the actual exam duration for each section. This practice hones your time management skills and helps you handle the pressure of timed sections.

Thorough Question Analysis: Read each question from the HPSC HCS PYP attentively. Understand the requirements and constraints before attempting an answer. This ensures precision in your responses.

Limit Attempts within Time Frame: Once the timer for a section stops, refrain from attempting additional questions in that section. This mirrors the exam scenario and aids in practising completion of sections within the allotted time.

Self-Evaluation: After finishing the paper, compare your answers with the official answer key. Identify correct and incorrect responses and take note of areas where mistakes occurred. This reflective process enhances your understanding and prepares you for improved performance in the actual examination.

HPSC HCS 2023 Overview

HPSC HCS Prelims 2023 will take place on 11 February 2024. Applicants can refer to the following table for a brief overview of essential details related to the HPSC HCS 2023 Recruitment:

Haryana HCS Exam 2023 - Important Updates

Exam Conducting Organization

Haryana Public Service Commission 

Exam Name

HCS (Ex. Br.) & other Allied Services Examination



Examination Mode

  • Prelims:- Offline 
  • Mains:- Offline 

Frequency of Exam


Job Location


Selection Process

  • Prelims
  • Mains
  • Interview 

Haryana HCS 2023 Exam Pattern

Prospective candidates aiming to apply for the HPSC HCS in further years or appearing for the same this year must acquaint themselves with the recruitment selection procedure. The HPSC HCS Recruitment process consists of three stages, namely, a Preliminary Examination carrying a weightage of 200 marks, a Main examination with 600 marks, and a Personality Test (Viva-voce) accounting for 75 marks. Additionally, Document Verification and a Medical Test are integral parts of the HPSC HCS Recruitment process.

In this segment, we provide a concise overview of the HPSC HCS Exam Pattern. Take a glance at the following points and the table for a comprehensive understanding of both the preliminary and main exam patterns.

HPSC HCS Preliminary Exam Pattern 

The preliminary examination comprises two papers and both papers are presented in bilingual format, offering questions in both Hindi and English. Each paper consists of objective-type (multiple-choice) questions. Paper I encompasses General Studies, carrying a weightage of 100 marks, and has a duration of 2 hours. Paper II, known as the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT), is also worth 100 marks and has a duration of 2 hours. A penalty of one-fourth of a mark will be imposed for each incorrect response. It's noteworthy that the CSAT paper is of a qualifying nature, requiring candidates to achieve a minimum passing score of 33%.

                                    HPSC HCS Prelim Exam Pattern 




Exam Duration

Paper I

General Studies


2 hours

Paper II

Civil Services Aptitude Test


2 hours

HPSC HCS Main Exam Pattern

The Main Written Examination comprises four papers, namely, English, Hindi, General Studies, and one optional paper, all presented in a conventional/essay-type format. Candidates have the flexibility to write their answers in either Hindi or English, except in the case of language or literature papers.

                                          HPSC HCS Main Exam Pattern 



Subject Code


Exam Duration

Paper I

English (including English Essay)



3 hours

Paper II

Hindi (including Hindi Essay)



3 hours

Paper III

General Studies



3 hours

Paper IV

One optional subject



3 hours


Previous Year Papers serve as valuable resources for exam preparation as they provide insights into the exam pattern, question types and important topics. They help candidates assess their readiness and identify areas for improvement.

Practising Previous Year Papers helps candidates familiarize themselves with the exam duration and question complexity. This aids in developing effective time management strategies, ensuring optimal performance during the actual exam.

Yes, the CSAT paper in HPSC HCS Prelims is mandatory, but it is of a qualifying nature. Candidates need to secure a minimum passing score of 33% to move on to the next stage of the examination.

You can download HPSC HCS Previous Year Papers in PDF format by clicking on the PDF links provided in this article above.

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