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HPSC HCS Exam Preparation Tips 2023: Last-minute Preparation Strategy

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 08-02-2024
HPSC HCS Exam Preparation Tips 2023: Last-minute Preparation Strategy

HPSC HCS Exam 2023 is scheduled for 11 February 2023 and the admit card is out now for those who have applied for the HPSC HCS (Executive Branch) & other Allied Services Preliminary Examination 2023. Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) conducts the Haryana Civil Service examination for positions such as Deputy Superintendent of Police, District Food and Supplies Controller, District Food and Supplies Officer, Assistant Excise and Taxation Officer, Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies, Block Development and Panchayat Officer,  Excise and Taxation Officer,  Traffic Manager, Assistant Employment Officer, and 'A' Class Naib Tehsildar.

This year HPSC HCS recruitment drive aims to fill 121 vacant seats for Haryana HCS (Executive Branch) & other Allied Services. If you are one of those who are going to appear in the HPSC HCS Prelims 2023, you are at the right place as through this article we are sharing some last-minute tips that will help you to plan your day well for the preparation of HPSC HCS Prelim Exam 2023.

Haryana HCS Prelims Exam Pattern 

Before appearing in the HPSC HCS Prelims 2023, your first step is to acquaint yourself with the HPSC HCS Preliminary Exam Pattern. It is crucial to be well-versed in the subject matter, exam duration, negative marking, and maximum marks. Understanding the exam pattern is essential at the outset of your journey to secure a position in HPSC HCS positions.

This section provides an in-depth overview of the HPSC HCS Preliminary Examination pattern. Candidates are strongly encouraged to stay abreast of the latest exam patterns to formulate effective preparation strategies. The following details provide comprehensive information about the HPSC HCS Exam:

  • The preliminary examination consists of two papers, both conducted in bilingual mode (Hindi and English). Both papers feature objective-type questions in a multiple-choice format.
  • Paper I covers General Studies, carrying a weightage of 100 marks, and spans a duration of 2 hours.
  • Paper II is the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT), also valued at 100 marks, and has a 2-hour time limit.
  • For incorrect responses, a deduction of one-fourth of a mark will be applied.
  • It is essential to highlight that the CSAT paper is considered qualifying, and candidates must attain a minimum passing score of 33%.

                                    HPSC HCS Prelims 2023 Exam Pattern 




Exam Duration

Paper I

General Studies


2 hours

Paper II

Civil Services Aptitude Test


2 hours

Relevant Links 

HPSC HCS Exam 2023 will take place on 11 February 2023. Below we are providing a table with some Relevant links for the HPSC HCS 2023 Exam:-

Preparation Tactics For HPSC HCS Prelims 2023 

As you approach the final moments before the HPSC HCS Exam scheduled for Sunday, 11 February 2024, it's crucial to pay attention to the following last-minute study tips:

  • Prioritize Speed and Accuracy: Emphasize maintaining speed and accuracy throughout the exam. Initiate with confidence from the beginning to handle tricky questions efficiently.
  • Believe in Yourself: Cultivate self-confidence and trust in your capabilities. Approach the exam with a calm and composed mind, and remember that belief in your abilities is key to success.
  • Focus on Revision: Prioritize revision of topics already studied. Review notes, textbooks, and essential formulas, placing special emphasis on Haryana-specific subjects, current affairs, and general knowledge.
  • Practice Mock Tests: Engage in both online and offline mock tests, along with revising previous year's question papers. These practice tests offer insights into the exam pattern, enhance time management skills, and help identify areas for improvement.
  • Effective Time Management: Wisely allocate your remaining time among different subjects and topics. Dedicate additional focus on subjects or topics where confidence is lacking. Stick to a study schedule, avoid last-minute cramming, and prioritize understanding fundamental concepts.
  • Act as a Top Performer: Maintain a confident mindset and behave as if you are already a top performer. This positive approach prevents demotivation and negativity. Engage in activities that boost your energy, such as talking to close ones or enjoying your favorite games or movies.
  • Prioritize Health: Take care of your health in the days leading up to the exam. Ensure sufficient sleep, consume balanced meals, and stay hydrated. Avoid last-minute cramming and ensure a good night's sleep before the exam as a well-rested mind performs better.
  • Avoid New Concepts: Resist the temptation to introduce new books, formulas, concepts, or techniques in the final days. Stick to what you have already learned and studied during your preparation period.

Haryana HCS Last-Minute Subject-wise Strategy 

HPSC HCS Exam 2023 will take place on 11 Feb 2024. Subject-wise study tips for HPSC HCS Prelims are provided below for candidates to score well in the exam:


  • Concept Revision: Dedicate time to revise the polity concepts you've covered so far.
  • Constitutional Articles: Bare reading of important articles, particularly up to Article 51 A of the Indian Constitution.
  • Parliament and State Legislature: Focus on the Indian Parliament and State Legislature chapters. Pay special attention to the General Exceptions section, as it often yields questions.
  • Schedules and Articles: Revise the list of schedules and articles you have prepared for a comprehensive understanding.


  • Avoid New Topics: Resist starting anything new on the last day to avoid confusion.
  • Historical Periods: Revise Medieval and Ancient History concepts. Place more emphasis on Modern History for a targeted approach.
  • Steady Approach: Take a slow and steady approach to prevent burnout.

GK and Current Affairs:

  • Comprehensive Revision: Check Current affairs at Utkarsh Classes where we are providing full-length articles along with FAQs on Current events from which questions can be asked in the examination.

Geography Techniques:

  • Avoid Burden: Do not overwhelm yourself with complicated questions. Focus on preliminary-level questions from NCERTs, which are usually more straightforward.
  • Concept Revision: Instead of introducing new concepts, revise the basics you are already familiar with. Pay special attention to map-related questions.


  • Current Affairs Emphasis: Read current affairs related to Economics for the latest updates. Focus on revising key economic concepts.
  • Economic Survey: Review the Economic Survey of Haryana and India summaries for important insights.

HPSC HCS Exam Day Instructions 

Here are the exam day instructions for HPSC HCS Prelims 2023 scheduled for 11 February 2024:

  1. Ensure you have all essential stationery, including pens and pencils, packed and ready for the exam.
  2. The most critical requirement is your admit card, accompanied by a valid ID proof. Without these, entry may be denied.
  3. Thoroughly read and understand the instructions on your admit card. Comply with all guidelines provided.
  4. Aim to arrive at the exam centre at least half an hour before the reporting time. This minimizes last-minute hassles and ensures a smooth entry process.
  5. Plan your attire a day in advance to avoid any last-minute confusion. Maintain a positive mindset and trust in your preparation.
  6. Effectively manage your time during the exam. Avoid spending too much time on a single question; rather, pace yourself to cover all sections.
  7. If unsure about an answer, mark the question for review and return to it later. This strategy helps maximize your attempt accuracy.
  8. Carefully read each question, ensuring accurate marking of your answers. Precision is crucial in securing the desired score.
  9. Follow the instructions given by the exam invigilators carefully. They are there to ensure a fair and organized examination process.

In the final moments of preparation, focus on reinforcing your existing knowledge. Keep a composed, attentive, and assured demeanor. We wish you the best of luck in your upcoming HPSC HCS Prelims 2023!


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