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World NGO Day 2024: Objective, Theme and History

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World NGO Day 2024: Objective, Theme and History Important Day 3 min read

‘World NGO Day’ is celebrated across the world every year on 27 February. More than 89 countries and 6 continents of the world celebrate this day at their own level. This day was started to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contribution of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the world.

Objective of World NGO Day:

  • The day aims to motivate people to become more actively involved within NGOs.
  • Along with this, greater symbiosis between NGOs and private-public sectors is to be encouraged.
  • The purpose of celebrating this day is to increase the awareness of the needy people towards NGOs.

Theme of World NGO Day 2024:

  • Every year a theme is decided to celebrate World NGO Day.
  • The theme of World NGO Day 2024 focuses on "Building a Sustainable Future: The Role of NGOs in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”.
  • The theme for 2023 focused on "The role and impact of NGOs in advancing human rights and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals."

About Non Government Organization (NGO):

  • NGO is a non-governmental organization. This is an organization which helps the poor, destitute and needy people. NGO is also a non-profit organization.

History of World NGO Day:

  • The initiative to celebrate World NGO Day was first proposed by the ‘Baltic Sea NGO Forum’ in 2010. Initially it was celebrated only in the countries participating in the Forum.
  • However, in the year 2014, this day received global recognition with the support of organizations like the United Nations and the European Union. It is now celebrated in more than 89 countries across six continents.

Importance of World NGO Day:

  • NGOs actively participate in environmental, social and human rights work. NGOs work to promote social or political change largely at the local level.
  • NGOs play an important role in the development of society, improvement of communities and promoting citizen participation.
  • NGOs also work as social intermediaries at many social levels to reach out to people.
  • They act as a link between the government and the general public. NGOs rely on a variety of financial sources. That ranges from individual donations and membership dues to government assistance.


Answer: 27 February

Answer: "Building a Sustainable Future: The Role of NGOs in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”

Answer: 2014
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