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Dr. PV Satyanarayana honored With The Swaminathan Award

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 09-01-2024
Dr. PV Satyanarayana honored With The Swaminathan Award Award and Honour 4 min read

Dr. PV Satyanarayana, Principal Scientist, Agricultural Research Centre, has been awarded the Dr. MS Swaminathan Award for his outstanding contribution in the field of agriculture for the period 2021-2022.

Dr. P.V. Satyanarayana, affiliated to Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad, was awarded the prestigious 8th Dr. MS Swaminathan Award for his outstanding contribution in the field of agriculture.

  • The award was presented at an event at the Indian Institute of Rice Research (IIRR), Hyderabad on September 3, 2023.
  • Dr. Satyanarayana's pioneering work includes the development of high-yielding rice varieties that exhibit resilience against various pests and environmental challenges, including BPH, BLB, blast, waterlogging and salinity.
  • Additionally, Dr. Satyanarayan has made significant contributions to fine grain varieties and hybrid rice, which have revolutionised agriculture across India.
  • Some of the notable achievements of Dr. PV Satyanarayana include National Award as Team Leader for Best Golden Jubilee AICIP Center Award in 2015.
  • Best Scientist Award by the Seidman Association in 2021 and many other prestigious awards.

Dr. MS Swaminathan Award:

  • The biennial national award, jointly constituted by the Retired ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) Employees Association (RICAREA) and Nuziveedu Seeds Limited (NSL), carries a cash prize of Rs 2 lakh and a gold medal.
  • First MS Swaminathan Award The Swaminathan Award for the biennial 2004-2005 was presented on 27 October 2005 to Dr. Genda Lal Jain, a leading poultry scientist.

Dr. MS Swaminathan:

  • Dr. Swaminathan is known as the "Father of Green Revolution in India". Because the Green Revolution in India was mainly led by Dr. M.S. Done by Swaminathan.
  • Dr. Swaminathan was awarded "Padma Bhushan" in the year 1972 and "Padma Vibhushan" in 1989 by the Govt.

Green Revolution:

  • The Green Revolution was an effort initiated by Norman Borlaug (Mexico) in the 1960s. He is known as the 'Father of Green Revolution' in the world.
  • In 1970, Norman Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in developing high-yielding varieties.
  • As a result of the Green Revolution, the production of food grains (especially wheat and rice) increased. It began in the middle of the 20th century with the introduction of new, high-yielding varieties of seed in developing countries.


Ans. - Dr. P V Satyanarayan

Ans. - Dr. Genda Lal Jain (Poultry Scientist)
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