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Operation Nanhe Farishte - RPF Initiative For Safety Of Passengers

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Operation Nanhe Farishte - RPF Initiative For Safety Of Passengers Government Scheme 6 min read

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) is constant in its dedication to protecting railway property and the safety of passengers. As of October 2023, RPF was still making sure that passengers were safe, secure, and comfortable. It was also helping Indian Railways provide its patrons with dependable goods transit services. An overview of the RPF's accomplishments in October 2023 is provided under Operation "Nanhe Farishte".  In order to reunite more than 601 children in need of care and protection with their families, RPF was essential. RPF devoted many hours to guaranteeing the safe return of these children, who had been taken from their homes for a variety of reasons.

What is Operation "Nanhe Farishte"?

  • The Railway Protection Force (RPF) is instrumental in reconnecting children who have been lost or separated from their families for various causes, as part of Operation 'Nanhe Farishte'.
  • Under this initiative, which was started on Indian Railways, children in need of care and protection who came into touch with the system were saved, given to the appropriate authorities, and then given back to their families.

Other Operations by RPF

Following table describe various initiatives undertaken by Railway Protection Force (RPF):



Operation AAHT

The Indian Railways saw the resolute efforts of RPF's Anti-Human Trafficking Units (AHTUs) at numerous points to prevent human trafficking..

Operation "Jeevan Raksha" Saving Lives

Under operation 'Jeevan Raksha,' the RPF's attentive and quick response saved the lives of 262 passengers who were on the verge of being run over by trains on platforms and railway lines.

Meri Saheli Initiative

RPF created the "Meri Saheli" project to give female passengers security guarantees because it takes the safety of female passengers seriously.

Operation "Uplabdh"

In October 2023, RPF detained 490 people in the fight and pursued legal action against them in accordance with the law. 

Operation "NARCOS"

In October 2023, the RPF made a great effort by apprehending 99 people and seizing drugs worth Rs. 5.99 crores.  

Operation "Yatri Suraksha"

The RPF supports law enforcement in their efforts to prevent and identify crimes against people on trains.

Operation Sanraksha

In October 2023, the RPF detained 33 people for the dangerous act of stone-pelting on trains that were in motion. This was done in a determined attempt to preserve passenger safety and safeguard railway services.

Operation Satark

Under "Operation Satark," the RPF captured illegal alcohol and tobacco items. 

About the Railway Protection Force

  • The Railway Protection Force (RPF) is one of India's security forces. Its job is to keep Indian Railways property and passengers safe. 
  • With authority akin to that of ordinary state police forces, it is the sole Central Armed Police Force (CAPF). 
  • The RPF's origins may be traced to 1882, when many railway firms designated their own guards to safeguard their property.
  • It was established as an armed force of the Union of India in 1985 after being designated as a statutory army by a Parliamentary statute in 1957.
  • The responsibilities of access control at train terminals and passenger train escorting were largely assumed by the RPF in 2003.
  • In charge- Director-general
  • It is an armed force that the Union Ministry of Railways oversees both administratively and operationally.
  • Its duties include guarding and securing passenger spaces, railway property, and individual passengers.


Answer. The objective of Operation Nanhe Farishte is to reconnect children who have been lost or separated from their families for various causes

Answer. Railway Protection Force (RPF) has launched Operation Nanhe Farishte.

Answer. Operation "Uplabdh" is the initiative of Railway Protection Force (RPF) which aims to reduce the operations of touts and increase public access to train tickets.
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