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Norway, Spain, and Ireland to Recognise Palestinian state

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Norway, Spain, and Ireland to Recognise Palestinian state International news 6 min read

The governments of Norway, Spain, and Ireland announced on 22 May 2024 that they would recognise the Palestinian state. In a swift reaction, the Israeli government condemned the move, while the Palestinians welcomed it. The official recognition by the three nations of an independent Palestinian state will take effect on 28 May 2024.

Norway, first to recognise the Palestinian State 

Among the three European Countries, Norway was the first to announce the recognition of the Palestinian State. Norway’s prime minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, said that there cannot be any peace in the region without recognising the Palestinian state. Norway supports a two-state solution, which calls for an independent country of Palestine along with the state of Israel. The historic Oslo Peace Accord of 1993 between Israel and Palestinian leadership accepts the necessity of a two-state solution.

Ireland and Spain followed suit  

The prime minister of Ireland, Simon Harris, also made this announcement on the same day. He said it was a move coordinated with Spain and Norway and intended to help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a two-state solution.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez made the expected announcement to his nation's Parliament on 21 May 2024.

Sánchez said that his government's decision to recognise the Palestinian state to support the viability of a two-state solution that he said "is in serious danger" with the war in Gaza.

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Reaction of Israel 

The Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu condemned Spain, Ireland, and Norway's move and recalled its ambassadors from these three countries. In a provocative move, Israel's far-right national security minister, Itamar Ben Gvir, visited Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque compound, declaring the contested holy site belongs "only to the state of Israel."

Al Aqsa Mosque is considered the third most holy site of muslims after Mecca and Medina. The Al Aqsa mosque situated in Old Jerusalem city is under the control of Israel. The hilltop where the Al Aqsa mosque is situated is also considered to be holy by the Jews. 

The Palestinian militant group HAMAS which attacked Israel on 7 October welcomed the move of these countries.

How many countries recognise Palestine State?

According to the Palestinian Authority, 142 out of the 193 member countries of the United Nations already recognise a state of Palestine. It includes many West Asian, African and Asian countries.

Algeria was the first country in the world to recognise a two-state solution, the Palestinian state.

However, the United States, Canada, most of Western Europe, Australia, Japan and South Korea have not recognised Palestine.

In April 2024, the United States used its veto at the United Nations Security Council to prevent a Palestinian bid to become a full U.N. member state.

India and Palestine 

The Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat announced the setting up of the Independent country of Palestine on 15 November 1998 during the first Palestinian intifada. Intifada refers to the popular uprising by the Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip against the Israeli occupation.

India was amongst the first countries in the world to recognise the Palestinian state.

India was one of the first few countries in the world to recognise the State of Palestine in 1988.  India opened its Representative Office in Gaza City in 1996  which was later shifted to Ramallah in the West Bank in 2003.

In 2011, India voted in favour of including Palestine as a full member of UNESCO and Palestine was admitted as a UNESCO member in 2011.

India was the co-sponsor of the resolution moved in the United Nations General Assembly on November 29, 2012, that admitted Palestine as a ‘non-member Observer state’ at the UN without voting rights. 

Three years later in September 2015 the Palestinian flag was raised officially at the United Nations in New York, for the first time.


Answer: Norway, Spain and Ireland

Answer: Norway

Answer: 1988

Answer: Algeria in 1988

Answer: The old city of Jerusalem is a disputed territory between Israel and Palestine. Presently, it is under the control of Israel. Al Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest mosque od muslims after Mecca and Medina.

Answer: Benjamin Netanyahu.

Answer: Jonas Gahr Støre

Answer: Simon Harris

Answer: Pedro Sánchez
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