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G7 Ministers Unite In Call To End Gaza Conflict On Humanitarian Grounds

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G7 Ministers Unite In Call To End Gaza Conflict On Humanitarian Grounds Summit and Conference 4 min read

Representatives of the G7 countries, after intensive meetings in Tokyo, announced on 8 November 2023 that they would take a united stance on the Israel-Hamas war, condemning Hamas and supporting Israel's right to self-defense.

  • Diplomats also called for removing 'humanitarian obstacles' to speed up aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Emphasis on helping civilians in war-torn Palestinian territory:

  • In a statement after two days of talks, G7 nations criticized Hamas's unprovoked attacks against Israel and underlined the need for immediate action to help civilians in the war-torn Palestinian territory.
  • All parties should allow unhindered humanitarian assistance, including food, water, medicines, fuel, shelter and access to humanitarian workers, to civilians trapped in war-torn areas.
  • The foreign ministers of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Italy, including America's Antony Blinken, have jointly issued this statement.
  • According to which, G7 countries support removing humanitarian obstacles in providing urgent assistance, movement of citizens and releasing hostages.
  • This meeting of foreign ministers of the G7 countries is an effort to stop the worsening humanitarian crisis as well as prevent the deepening of wide-ranging differences over Gaza.
  • Various global crises were discussed in the second and final day of talks between G7 foreign ministers.
  • The main agenda of the meeting was the humanitarian crisis caused by Israel's response to the unprecedented and unexpected attack by Hamas on October 7 and the month-long conflict in Gaza.

Other main issues of the G7 Foreign Ministers' meeting:

  • In this meeting, apart from the Israel-Hamas war, topics like Russia-Ukraine war, North Korea's nuclear and missile program and China's increasing aggression with its neighbors over territorial disputes were also discussed.
  • In Tokyo, Blinken and the foreign ministers of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Italy met on Tuesday to stop the Gaza war in order to avoid further destabilizing the already fragile security situation along the Middle East border. Tried to find common ground.

Hamas's 'central command center' in Gaza city itself:

  • According to the Israeli Army, Hamas's 'central command center' is in Gaza city itself and the militant group has laid a network of underground tunnels in the city.
  • Israel says its troops are fighting Hamas militants inside Gaza city.
  • Before the fighting started, about 650,000 people lived in Gaza City.


  • Capital: Jerusalem
  • Currency: Israeli Shekel
  • Language: Hebrew (written from right to left)
  • Prime Minister: Benjamin Netanyahu


Answer:- Japan

Answer:- Tokyo

Answer:- To take a united stand on the Israel-Hamas war;

Answer:- Israeli Shekel

Answer:- Hebrew (written from right to left)
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