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Defence Ministry contracts HAL for Indian Navy's 25 Dornier upgrades

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 16-03-2024
Defence Ministry contracts HAL for Indian Navy's 25 Dornier upgrades Defence 4 min read

The Defence Ministry on March 15, 2024 signed a contract worth over Rs 2,890 crore with HAL for 'Mid Life Upgrade (MLU)' of 25 Dornier aircraft of the Indian Navy.

  • Also the Defence Ministry has signed a contract with HAL for various types of equipment for the Indian Navy.

MLU of Dornier aircraft:

  • The ‘MLU’ of the Dornier aircraft involves upgrading it to include state-of-the-art avionics systems and primary role sensors.
  • This upgrade would significantly increase the operational capability of the Dornier aircraft of the Indian Navy.

Benefits of MLU:

  • With Dornier aircraft being 'MLU', it would become easier for the Indian Navy to keep surveillance on the coasts. It would also have the following benefits:
    • Sea monitoring
    • Monitoring the coasts
    • Electronic intelligence
    • Basic functions of maritime security.
  • Upgraded Indian Navy Dornier aircraft to perform search and rescue, medical evacuation and communication roles.
  • The MLU of 25 Dornier aircraft would generate 1.8 lakh mandays as employment during its implementation period of 6.5 years.
  • This indigenous upgrade includes supply of major systems and equipment from indigenous sources.
  • This would contribute significantly to 'self-reliance' in the defense sector in line with the 'Make-in-India' initiative of the Government of India.

About Dornier Aircraft:

  • These aircraft are equipped with many modern equipment.
  • It includes a glass cockpit, maritime surveillance radar, electro-optic infrared equipment and a mission management system.
  • Dornier aircraft are being indigenously manufactured at HAL (Transport Aircraft Division), Kanpur.
  • Upgraded Dornier aircraft contribute to defence self-reliance under 'Make in India'. The addition of upgraded Dornier aircraft will enhance aerial surveillance for ICG maritime areas.

This aircraft is also suitable for Air Force:

  • Dornier aircraft have been used in the Air Force in the past. It has been used by the Indian Air Force for route transport and communication related military work.
  • Along with this, these aircraft have also been used for transportation and training of pilots of the Indian Air Force.
  • The aircraft is equipped with a five-bladed composite propeller along with an advanced fuel-efficient engine.
  • The aircraft is ideally suited for short range operations from the semi-finished, short runways of the North East and the island chains of India. These aircraft will further increase the operational capability of the Indian Air Force in remote areas.

India delivered a Dornier-228 maritime surveillance aircraft to Sri Lanka in August 2023 for the 77th Independence Day.


Answer: Indian Navy

Answer: For ‘Mid Life Upgrade (MLU)’ of 25 Dornier aircraft.

Answer: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
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