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Bihar Diwas in New York honored four prominent diaspora members

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Bihar Diwas in New York honored four prominent diaspora members Award and Honour 5 min read

On March 22, 2024, four prominent Americans of Indian origin belong to Bihar were honored on the occasion of 'Bihar Diwas'. Four prominent Americans of Indian origin were honored at an event in New York for their outstanding achievements and contributions.

Prominent personalities honored on Bihar Day:

  • Four prominent personalities were honored with 'Bihar Vishwa Gaurav Samman' in a special programme in New York. Prominent individuals to be honored include the following:
    • Dr. Chris Singh: Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Holtec International
    • Amit Choudhary: Chief Operating Officer of Wipro
    • Dr. Dinesh Ranjan: Founder of ‘PRAN Medical Group’
    • Abhinav Atul: Director of ‘Nutrivet Pharmcare’.

Organization of felicitation ceremony:

  • This felicitation ceremony was organized by the Consulate General of India in New York in collaboration with several organizations which are as follows:
    • ‘Bihar Foundation USA’
    • ‘East Coast Chapter’
    • ‘Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America (BJANA)’.

About Dr. Chris Singh:

  • Dr. Chris Singh is an outstanding inventor who is recognized for his contribution in the field of nuclear waste management. 
  • Dr. Singh holds 170 patents in the US and many other countries. While many patents are pending.
  • Dr. Singh, who came to America from India about 55 years ago, founded 'Holtec International' in 1986. 
  • Dr. Singh built it into a multi-national company with operations across five continents.

About Amit Chaudhary:

  • Chief Operating Officer of Wipro, Amit Chaudhary underlined the collective spirit of Bihar and its potential in development. Amit Chaudhary said, “Bihar will change, Bihar is changing.”
  • Dr. Dinesh Ranjan emphasized Bihar's underprivileged healthcare needs, urging urgent action.
  • Abhinav Atul was honored for his mission to provide medicines to pets at affordable prices, the release said.
  • Vinay Pradhan, Consul General of India in New York, praised the migrants from Bihar for their achievements. Vinay Pradhan highlighted the contribution of the state's illustrious leadership, from the great Aryabhata to the first President of India, Dr Rajendra Prasad.
  • Pradhan said, “For many centuries, Bihar has been at the forefront of India in the political, cultural, intellectual and spiritual arena. We all know that Bihar is the land of Kautilya, Bihar is the land of Aryabhatta.

About ‘Bihar Diwas’:

  • Many celebrations were organized in the country and abroad to commemorate the 112th Foundation Day of Bihar state on March 22, 2024. This year no state program was organized due to Lok Sabha elections in 2024. But March 22 is memorable as a glorious day for Bihar, which has repeatedly stood up against disaster.
  • On March 22, 1912, the British established the new province of Bihar, separating it from Bengal.
  • The partition of Bengal was canceled as a result of the Swadeshi movement against the partition of Bengal implemented in the year 1905. With this, Bihar and Assam were formed.
  • On November 15, 2000, a new state 'Jharkhand', separate from Bihar, was established.


Answer: 22 March

Answer: A separate Bihar state was formed on 22 March 1912.

Answer: Assam

Answer: On March 22, 2024, Bihar celebrated its 112th Foundation Day.

Answer: On November 15, 2000, a new state ‘Jharkhand’ was established separate from Bihar.
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