How to prepare for REET in less time?

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  • Aug 31, 2021
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How to prepare for REET in less time?

Now less than a month is left for the REET exam. Lakhs of candidates of Rajasthan are engaged in its preparation. If this time is used properly then it can ensure your success.

Therefore, the preparation before the examination should be done in such a way that the correct conclusion of the preparation being done for a long time is obtained. In today’s article, we will discuss how to prepare for REET in less time.

Revise instead of reading new:

Most of the students try to read as much as possible in less time which is absolutely the wrong way. In the desire to study more in less time, the student forgets what he has studied earlier.

It is known to all that by just reading, one does not remember for a long time. So instead of reading more, complete your revision. Before the exam, cover all the topics which you have been studying till now.

Practice with test series:

Practice with test series before the exam strengthens the preparation. Practising test series completes our revision. Practical knowledge of the actual exam is gained by practising the test series similar to the question paper. Along with this, important questions are also remembered and the basis of the questions can also be understood. We should always practice from test series prepared by subject experts.

This test series is prepared to keep in mind the exam level. Along with this, the preparation of the main examination, the study of important subjects is also done.

Keep these things in mind:

Sometimes small things are of big use, which after taking lightly, the student regrets at the time of result. Let’s take a look at those things too –

  • Be it the REET exam or any exam, always choose the study material for preparation according to the level of the exam. Because if you go above and below the level of your examination, then in both such situations there is more risk of loss than benefit.
  • Reading by making notes on your own is considered the best way to study from the very beginning. These notes help a lot in preparing for the exam in less time. Studying by writing helps in remembering what has been read quickly and also for a long time. 
  • Focus on the scoring topics and study them the most. This will make your preparation better.
  • Always analyse at the end of the day what you have studied throughout the day. Apart from this, make sure to review the studies done yesterday. This will make it easier for you to remember what you read.
  • One should start practising with unsolved papers at least 10-15 before the exam. This not only helps in the revision of the complete syllabus but also increases confidence.

Time management:

While giving or preparing for the exam, time has its own importance. So, first of all, at the time of preparation, give time considering the importance of the subject and topics. This point is mainly to be taken care of while solving the question paper.

Do those questions later in the question paper which are taking you more time to solve. Do these questions first which you can answer in less time. If you are taking the REET exam for the first time, then apply this exercise to your practice.

Summary: Keeping the above-mentioned things in mind, prepare without stress. Never sit reading with worry and negative thoughts in your mind. Also, take care of your health during the exam days. Instead of feeling the pressure of the exam, always maintain your confidence by taking your preparation.

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