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World Consumer Rights Day 2024: Date, theme, history and significance

Utkarsh Classes 15-03-2024
World Consumer Rights Day 2024: Date, theme, history and significance Important Day 3 min read

‘World Consumer Rights Day’ is celebrated every year on 15 March to protect the rights of consumers. This day is an excellent opportunity to explain, protect and promote consumer rights.

Objective of World Consumer Rights Day:

  • Its purpose is to shed light on enduring problems regarding the needs and rights of consumers.
  • It is a global programme that aims to raise awareness about consumer rights and needs. The day emphasizes the value and understanding of consumer rights, benefits and possibilities. Furthermore, this day is celebrated to raise awareness about global injustice and market abuses.

Theme of World Consumer Rights Day 2024:

  • This special occasion is celebrated with different themes every year. The theme of World Consumer Rights Day 2024 is 'Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers'.

History of World Consumer Rights Day:

  • The origin of World Consumer Rights Day can be traced back to March 15, 1962. Because former US President John F Kennedy addressed consumer rights issues in a historic speech in the US Congress.
  • This is the first time that a world leader has formally acknowledged the importance of consumer rights on a global stage.
  • Since its official beginning on March 15, 1983, the day has been recognized and endorsed by the United Nations. This has drawn international attention to the issue of consumer protection.

Importance of World Consumer Rights Day:

  • We all are consumers in our daily lives and it is very important to be aware of our rights. It is an international event celebrated annually to protect and respect consumer rights.
  • It also gives consumers an opportunity to raise their voice against market abuses and social injustice.
  • It helps us to understand our consumer rights and how to apply them in our daily life.
  • On this occasion, people from all over the world support the fundamental rights of consumers on this day. Seek to protect and preserve them from unfair business practices.
  • It encourages consumers to educate themselves about their rights and take proactive steps to resolve complaints.

Rights of Modern Consumers:

  • Right to be protected
  • Right to be informed
  • Consumer right to redressal
  • Right to access goods and services


Answer: 15 March

Answer: 'Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers'

Answer: 1983
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