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World Book and Copyright Day 2024: Date, theme, history & significance

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World Book and Copyright Day 2024: Date, theme, history & significance Important Day 4 min read

'World Book and Copyright Day' is observed annually on April 23rd. World Book and Copyright Day, often referred to as World Book Day. To honour this day, events are organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing.

Theme of World Book and Copyright Day 2024:

  • The official theme of World Book and Copyright Day 2024 is "Read Your Way". The theme underscores the significance of choice and enjoyment in nurturing a passion for reading.

History of World Book and Copyright Day:

  • World Book and Copyright Day was first celebrated on 23 April in 1995. UNESCO chose this day on 23rd April specifically to honour literary figures like William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes.
  • It is noteworthy that this day was first celebrated in the year 1922 by the Spanish writer Vicente Clavel Andres with the aim of remembering and honoring Miguel Cervantes.
  • It was then a natural choice for the UNESCO General Conference held in Paris on 23 April 1995. So that through this day people can be made aware about other things including reading books.
  • There are many beliefs behind celebrating World Book Day on an annual basis at the international level. The connection between the date of April 23, i.e. World Book Day, and books was first established in the year 1923 by various booksellers in Spain to pay tribute to the most famous writer named Miguel de Cervantes. This day is the death anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes. It was decided by UNESCO to celebrate it on 23 April. Because, according to the Gregorian calendar, the birth date and death anniversary of the famous writer William Shakespeare, who gave people a new perspective on living life, were on the same day, 23 April because of which this day was also organized with the aim of paying tribute to him.

Importance of World Book and Copyright Day: 

  • This day serves as an important reminder of the immense value of books:
  • Books take us to different worlds, expand our knowledge and spark new ideas.
  • Literature transcends borders and cultures, promoting empathy and understanding between different people.
  • Books are fundamental tools for education, providing knowledge and skills in a variety of subjects.
  • Literature documents our past, preserves languages and transmits traditions to future generations.
  • Copyright protection ensures fair compensation for creators, encourages the production of new books, and enriches our cultural landscape.


Answer: 23 April

Answer: "Read your way"

Answer: 1995
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