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Vice President Inaugurates the Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace

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Vice President Inaugurates the Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace Summit and Conference 4 min read

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar inaugurated the 12th General Assembly of the Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace in New Delhi. 

  • During the event, Mr. Dhankhar highlighted the timeless wisdom of Buddha, emphasizing how his Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path can guide individuals towards inner peace, compassion, and non-violence.

About Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace (ABCP) 

  • The Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace (ABCP) was jointly established, with its headquarters based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in 1970 by religious leaders from India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.
  • ABCP is an organization that carries out its activities based on the noble teachings of Lord Buddha. 
  • The organization has been expressing its strong voice, which has made significant contributions to the unified effort for global peace and security. 
  • As a result of this valuable contribution, the United Nations has registered ABCP under the status of ECOSOC.
  • In 2019, a significant event took place in the 50-year history of ABCP. The 11th ABCP General Assembly was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, where the ABCP National Centers gathered. 
  • This assembly revised the ABCP Constitution, elected new office bearers, and outlined the organization's future goals and objectives.

A Few Facts about Buddhism

  • Buddhism was started in the 6th century by Siddhart Gautam; later on, he was called Gautam Buddha.
  • Buddha was born into the royal family of the Sakya clan who ruled from Kapilvastu, in Lumbini.
  • Buddha attained enlightenment at Bodhgaya, in Bihar.
  • Buddha gave his first sermon at Sarnath, Benares in UP. 
  • Buddha attained Mahaparinibbana (died) at Kushinagar in UP.
  • He gave four noble truths or ariya-sachchani and eightfold path or ashtangika marga.
  • His teaching was written in Pali.

Four Buddhist councils were held:

  • First: Around 483 BC under the patronage of King Ajatshatru and was presided by Mahakasyapa, a monk, held in the Sattapani cave at Rajgriha.
  • Second: It was held in Vaishali, Bihar under the patronage of the king Kalasoka in 383 BC and presided by Sabakami.
  • Third: It was held in 250 BC in Patliputra under the patronage of Ashoka and was presided over by Moggaliputta Tissa.
  • Fourth: It was held in 72 AD at Kundalvana, Kashmir and presided by Vasumitra, while Asvaghosa was his deputy under the patronage of King Kanishka of the Kushan Empire.

Mahaprajapati Gautami who was the aunt of Gautami Buddha was the first woman to enter the Buddhist Sangha


Answer: New Delhi

Answer: 1970

Answer: Bodhgaya, in Bihar

Answer: First sermon at Sarnath, Benares in UP

Answer: Mahaprajapati Gautami
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