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Sudhansh Pant Assumed As Rajasthan’s New Chief Secretary

Utkarsh Classes 01-01-2024
Sudhansh Pant Assumed As Rajasthan’s New Chief Secretary Rajasthan 4 min read

In a recent meeting, the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) headed by the Prime Minister announced that Senior IAS officer Sudhansh Pant will be the New Chief Secretary of Rajasthan.

  • Sudhansh Pant took the place of Usha Sharma, who retired recently.
  • Sudhansh Pant will also hold additional charge as the chairman of Rajasthan Mines and Mineral Corporation Limited.

About the Chief Secretary

  • The Chief Secretary is considered one of the highest officials of India's execution system. The senior-most IAS of the Indian government is appointed as Chief Secretary. 
  • The Chief Secretary is the ex-officio head of the State Secretariat, the state Indian Administrative Service, the state Civil Services Board and all civil services that come under the control of the state government.
  • The Chief Secretary is the principal advisor to the Chief Minister on all issues related to state administration.

Appointment of Chief Secretary

  • The Chief Minister of state appoints Chief Secretaries. 
  • Usually, Senior IAS officers are appointed as State Chief Secretaries. 
  • The Chief Minister can have an opinion of the Union government regarding the appointment, but this consultation is not mandatory. 
  • The Chief Minister may also consult ministers or the cabinet. 
  • Seniority cum merit criterion is applied in a selection post.

Three factors are considered while selecting the Chief Secretary: 

  1. Seniority 
  2. Service record
  3. Evaluation of the Chief Minister

Role of Chief Secretary of India

  • The Chief Secretary is the administrative head of the state administration and the executive head secretariat of the state.
  • The Chief Secretary has the highest position in the state administrative hierarchy. 
  • All the secretariat departments come under the control of the Chief Secretary. 
  • The Chief Secretary works to guide, lead and control the entire administrative system of the state.  
  • The State Civil Service Board, which can recommend the transfer/postings of All India Services and State Civil Services officers in the state, is headed by the Chief Secretary, which means the Chief Secretary serves the state as the ex-officio Chairman of the State Civil Service Board.
  • Chief Secretaries are assisted by Additional Chief Secretaries or Special Chief Secretaries, who are the administrative heads of their assigned departments.

Facts about Rajasthan Chief Secretary

  • The first Chief Secretary of Rajasthan was K. Radhakrishnan.
  • The first female Chief Secretary of Rajasthan was Kushal Singh.
  • Till now, two females have served as chief secretary of Rajasthan: Kushal Singh and Usha Sharma.


Answer: Sudhansh Pant

Answer: Kushal Singh

Answer: K. Radhakrishnan

Answer: Chief Minister
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