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Russia Unveils Two New Nuclear-Powered Submarines

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 19-12-2023
Russia Unveils Two New Nuclear-Powered Submarines Defence 3 min read

Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled two new nuclear-powered submarines on 11 December 2023. These new submarines will soon start patrolling in the Pacific Ocean.

New submarines Krasnoyarsk and Emperor Alexander the 3td:

  • Krasnoyarsk and Emperor Alexander III were inaugurated at the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk. Severodvinsk is in the country's north-west Arkhangelsk region.
  • President Vladimir Putin inspects the hoisting of the Navy flag on newly built nuclear submarines.
  • Putin pledged to complete plans to modernise the Russian navy.

Emperor Alexander III Russia's seventh Borei-class submarine:

  • Emperor Alexander III is the seventh submarine of the Borei-class, a nuclear-powered fleet. Each submarine is equipped with 16 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads.
  • Russia's submarine Alexander III is part of the new Borei (Arctic Wind) class of nuclear submarines, the first new generation launched since the Cold War.
  • Last month, the Russian Defence Ministry said the ship had successfully test-fired a nuclear-capable Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile.
  • Krasnoyarsk belongs to the Yasen (Ash Tree) class of submarines. These are multipurpose submarines armed with long-range, high-precision missiles. For Krasnoyarsk, Putin said that it is capable of attacking both sea and land targets.
  • Krasnoyarsk is armed with cruise missiles and torpedoes. Krasnoyarsk is designed to hunt enemy submarines.

More nuclear submarines under construction in Russia:

  • President Vladimir Putin announced that three more such submarines are under construction. President Putin said that five more Yasen-class submarines are being built.

Putin will contest the presidential elections again in 2024:

  • Putin announced in the first week of December 2023 that he would run again in the presidential election to be held in March.

Putin is the longest-serving President of Russia:

  • Vladimir Putin took over power from Boris Yeltsin in 1999. He is Russia's longest-serving president after Joseph Stalin.


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Answer:- Krasnoyarsk and Emperor Alexander the Third

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