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Rajasthan Public Service Commission

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Rajasthan Public Service Commission had a glorious past of nearly 70 years. During 1923, the Lee Commission had recommended setting up of a Central Public Service Commission in India, but it did not give much thought to the need of establishing similar commissions in provinces. It was left largely to the discretion of provincial Governments to recruit and exercise control over their Services, as they thought proper.

At the time of formation of Rajasthan, the institution of Public Service Commission existed in only three of the 22 covenanting states viz. Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner. 

After the integration of princely states, as per the publication dated 20th August, 1949 in the Rajasthan Gazette. Hence, on 22 December, 1949 the Rajasthan Public Service Commission was established, or in other words the Rajasthan Public Service Commission came into effect from 22 December, 1949. 

Appointment of Members:

The Chairman and other members of the RPSC are appointed by the Governor of the State.

Term of Office:

A member of the RPSC shall hold office for a term of six years or till the age of 62 years, whichever is earlier.

Any person who has once held the office as a member of a Public Service Commission is ineligible for reappointment to that office.


A member of a RPSC may resign from office by submitting the written resignation to the Governor of the State.


The Chairman or any other member of RPSC shall only be removed from office by order of the President of India.


An Indian Administrative Service officer is appointed as Secretary in the Commission Secretariat. All the administrative and financial works are executed by the secretary. The Deputy Secretary and Controller of Examinations are there to assist the Secretary.

Initially, the Commission had one Chairman and 2 Members. Now the commission has 1 chairperson and 7 other members.

The then Chief Justice of Rajasthan, Sir S. K. Ghosh was appointed as Chairman of Rajasthan Public Service Commission. 

Subsequently, Shri Devi Shankar Tiwari (longest serving Chairman) and Shri N. R. Chandorkar were appointed Members and Shri S. C. Tripathi (I.E.S), formerly a member of the Union Public Service Commission was appointed as Chairman.

DR. B. L. RAWAT, IAS was the shortest tenure of Chairman of RPSC. 

The incumbent Chairman is Sanjay Kumar Shrotriya.

Articles 16, 234, 315 to 323 of the Indian Constitution deal with various functions and powers of the Public Service Commissions. 

The working of Rajasthan Public Service Commission is also regulated by Rajasthan Rajasthan Public Service Commission Rules & Regulation, 1963 and the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (Regulations and validation of Procedure ordinance 1975 & Act 1976).


Answer. The Chairman is appointed by the Governor where as removed by the President only.
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