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Kerala's Shaikh Hassan Khan climbs Mount Vinson in Antarctica

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Kerala's Shaikh Hassan Khan climbs Mount Vinson in Antarctica Environment 3 min read

Shaikh Hassan Khan, a 36-year-old Kerala government employee, has climbed Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica.

  • This is the fifth peak that Shaikh Hasan Khan has conquered.
  • Apart from Mount Vinson, Shaikh Hassan Khan has climbed four other highest peaks – Mount Everest (Asia), Mount Denali (North America), Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa), and Mount Elbrus (Europe).
  • The aim of his campaign is to spread awareness about climate change happening in Antarctica.

About Mount Vinson:

  • It is the highest mountain in Antarctica.
  • Mount Vinson is situated at an altitude of 4,892 meters (16,050 ft) above sea level.
  • Mount Vinson is part of the Vinson Massif, located in the Sentinel Range of the Ellsworth Mountains.
  • Vinson Massif and Mount Vinson are near the Ronne Ice Shelf, near the base of the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • The mountain was first sighted by a US Navy aircraft from Bayard Station in January 1958. It is named after Carl Vinson, a United States representative who was instrumental in the US government's support of Antarctic exploration in the period 1935–61.
  • It is located about 1,200 kilometres from the South Pole, one of the coldest places on Earth.
  • It was first climbed in 1966 by an American team led by Nicholas Clinch.

Key facts about Ellsworth Mountain:

  • The Ellsworth Mountains are a mountain range in Antarctica.
  • They form a chain of mountains 360 km (224 mi) long and 48 km (30 mi) wide in a north-to-south configuration.
  • Furthermore, they are divided by the Minnesota Glacier to form the Sentinel Range in the north and the Heritage Range in the south.

Highest peaks of continents:

  • Asia – Mount Everest
  • South America – Aconcagua
  • North America – McKinley (also known as ‘Denali’)
  • Africa – Kilimanjaro
  • Europe – Elbrus Mountains
  • Antarctica – Vinson Massif
  • Australia – Kosciusko


Ans. Kerala

Ans. Mount Vinson

Ans. A US Navy aircraft first saw this mountain in January 1958.

Ans. Aconcagua
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