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Indian Army to take part in 'Yudh Abhyas 2023' in Alaska

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Indian Army to take part in 'Yudh Abhyas 2023' in Alaska Military exercise 6 min read

The Indian Army has announced on its official X (formerly Twitter) handle that a contingent of the Indian Army will participate in the 19th edition of the 'Yudh Abhyas 2023'. The joint exercise will take place from September 25 to October 8 at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, the United States (U.S.). 

According to the Indian Army, "The annual bilateral military exercise involving the Indian Army and the United States Army will entail exchanging best practices and enhancing interoperability to mutually learn from each other & strengthen the bond between the two Armies,"

A total of 350 Indian soldiers will participate in the exercise under the leadership of a Brigadier. 

About Yudh Abhyas

The Joint military exercise between the two countries' armies was started in 2002 as a measure to boost defence cooperation between the two countries.The exercise focuses on facilitating the exchange of best practices, tactics, techniques and procedures between the Armies of the two nations.

The 18th edition of the 'Yudh Abhyas 2022" was held at Auli, Uttrakhand. The exercise is hosted by both countries alternately. 

Military Exercises between the Indian and the US Armed Forces

India regularly conducts bilateral exercises with armed forces of other countries. Amongst all the countries, India conducts more exercises with the United States of America (USA )than with any other country. India and the US armed forces conduct bilateral exercises as well as participate in multilateral exercises.

Bilateral Exercise involving Indian and the US forces 

Exercise involving Army 

Yudh Abhyas

It is conducted between the Army of both countries. The exercises are held at the battalion level (roughly 250 troops from each army), along with brigade-level mission planning. 

Vajra Prahar (Army Special Forces)

It was started in 2010. It is held between the U.S. and Indian Special Forces soldiers. The 13th edition was held at Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh, on August 28 2022.

Exercise involving Air Force 

Cope India

It was first held in 2004 between the Indian Air Force and the U.S. Air Force.

The exercise was resumed in 2018 after a pause of 9 years. 

The sixth edition of Cope India-2023 was conducted at Air Force Stations Kalaikunda, Panagarh and Agra in the month of April.

Tri-Service exercise 


Tiger TRIUMPH stands for Tri-Services India U.S. Amphibious Exercise. A contingent of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force participated in the exercise with the U.S. Navy and its Marine Corps. 

The first exercise was held near Visakhapatnam and Kakinada in November 2019.

The second edition of the Tiger TRIUMPH was held at Visakhapatnam from 18 to October 20 2022.

Special Exercise 

Exercise Tarkash 

It is a joint exercise between the elite counter-terrorism forces of India and the US. From India ,the National Security Guard takes part in the exercise with the U.S. Special Forces. 

The sixth edition of the Exercise Tarkash was held in Chennai in the month of January -February 2023. 

Exercise Sangam

It is a joint Naval Special Forces exercise  involving Indian Navy Marine Commando Forces (MARCOs) and U.S. Navy SEALs. 

The first Sangam Exercise was held in 1994. 

The 7th edition of the Exercise Sangam was held at Goa in December 2022.

Multilateral Military Exercises

Malabar Naval Exercise 

Initially, it started as a joint Naval exercise between the Indian and the U.S. Navy in 1992. Japan joined it in 2014, and Australia in 2020. The 27th Malabar exercise was held in Sydney, Australia, in the month of August 2023.

Exercise RIMPAC 

Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) is the world's largest naval exercise conducted by the U.S. Navy. 

The 22nd edition was held in Hawaii 2022, which saw the participation of an Indian Navy frigate and a maritime patrol aircraft.


Answer : The joint exercise will take place from September 25 to October 8 at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, the United States (U.S.).

Answer : Auli, Uttrakhand.

Answer : Air Force of both the countries participate in the exercise .

Answer : Army of both the countries .
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