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India will buy 31 Predator drones from US to enhance maritime security

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 02-02-2024
India will buy 31 Predator drones from US to enhance maritime security Defence 6 min read

India has decided to purchase 31 Predator drones from America to further enhance its maritime security. The US has also approved the sale of 31 Predator drones to India on February 1, 2024. The 31 MQ-9B Predator Long Endurance drones that India will receive will be equipped with modern weapons.

  • In this context, America said that this was possible because India is one of its most important partners.

Predator drone will ensure maritime security:

  • The mega drone deal approved by America will ensure India's maritime security. These drones will increase the surveillance and reconnaissance patrol capability of sea routes and India's ability to deal with future threats.
  • The Biden administration has informed the US Congress about its supply.

The agreement was signed during Prime Minister Modi's US visit:

  • This agreement was signed during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Washington in June last year. The approval letter will be sent to India approximately 30 days after the Congress (US Parliament) approves the deal.

Deal worth around $3.99 billion:

  • The price of 31 MQ-9B Predator drones being procured from America is estimated at $3.99 billion.
  • According to the Defense Cooperation Agency (DSCA) of the US government, bargaining options are still open in the deal. The price will be renegotiated after the approval letter is given to India. According to the DSCA, the proposed sale will support US foreign policy and national security objectives in strengthening the US-India strategic relationship.
  • The agency described India as an important force for political stability, peace and economic progress in the Indo-Pacific and South Asia region.

About 31 MQ-9B Predator Long Endurance Drone:

  • These drones are made by American company General Atomics.
  • This proposal was approved by the Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) on 15 June 2023.
  • Under this, India will buy 31 drones, which will include 15 MQ-9B Sea Guardians and 16 Sky Guardians.

What is the MQ-9B Reaper?

  • MQ-9B Reaper or Predator drones are an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), manufactured by the American company General Atomics.
  • The US Air Force uses it. This is a MQ-1 series drone, the development of which started in the 1990s.
  • Of the two drones that India is purchasing, Sea Guardian is special for maritime surveillance while Sky Guardian drone will be used for guarding the land border.

Predator Long Endurance Drone Capabilities:

  • This drone can collect real-time images and send it to the ground station for analysis.
  • It is equipped with advanced sensors and cameras, which makes it very important in military operations, border surveillance and anti-terrorism operations.
  • The MQ-9 Reaper is capable of carrying a variety of weapons including AGM-144 Hellfire missiles, laser guided bombs.

Predator Long Endurance Drone Speed:

  • Its speed is 240 knots true airspeed (KTAS).
  • It has a payload capacity of 1746 kg, which includes 1361 kg of external stores.
  • Its name also has a specialty. In which 'M' means multi role. Whereas 'Q' is related to being operated from a distance. While '9' refers to the away ninth series.

All three forces (armies) will be equipped with Predator drones:

  • India currently has two Sea Guardian drones, which it has taken on lease from General Atomics. Both the drones have been deployed at the Indian Navy's air station INS Rajali in Tamil Nadu.
  • All 31 drones will operate under a tri-service command and will not be distributed evenly. Three operational centers under the direction of the future theater commander and head of the Chiefs of Staff Committee will define its role based on mission specific roles.


Answer:- India

Answer:- 31

Answer:- These drones have been made by American company General Atomics.

Answer:- A total of 31 drones will be purchased in two types, which will include 15 MQ-9B Sea Guardians and 16 Sky Guardians.
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