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ICC Snatches Hosting Of Under-19 World Cup From Sri Lanka

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 22-11-2023
ICC Snatches Hosting Of Under-19 World Cup From Sri Lanka Sport 5 min read

Taking a big step against Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), the International Cricket Council (ICC) has withdrawn the hosting of the upcoming Under-19 World Cup Cricket from it. Apart from this, many other decisions were taken in the ICC Board meeting held in Ahmedabad on 21 November 2023.

  • On 10 November 2023, the ICC had banned the Sri Lanka Cricket Board. Now the hosting of Under-19 World Cup has been handed over from Sri Lanka to South Africa.
  • The ICC Board, citing administrative uncertainty in Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), has decided to suspend the SLC. While cricket with the Sri Lankan team will proceed without disruption, the suspension will persist and not be lifted.

Under-19 World Cup will be organized on its scheduled dates only:

  • The Under-19 World Cup was scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka from January 14 to February 15. ICC has handed over hosting rights to South Africa, but has not changed the dates. Because SA T20 tournament is also to be organized in South Africa from 10 January to 10 February 2024.

Several countries were considered to host the Under-19 World Cup:

  • The ICC also considered Oman and UAE for the new host of the Under-19 World Cup, but chose South Africa due to better infrastructure. The tournament requires at least three grounds, but Oman has only one. Whereas, organizing the tournament in UAE would have been very expensive. For this reason ICC chose an African country.

Zimbabwe has also been banned in the past:

  • Following Zimbabwe Cricket's suspension in 2019 due to government interference, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) becomes the second full member to face suspension by the ICC in the past four years.
  • However, all cricket activities in Zimbabwe were suddenly stopped. Apart from this, funding was also banned. Zimbabwe Cricket was later abolished.

ICC implements stop-clock system:

  • ICC took major decisions on 'Stop-Clock System' and 'Transgender' in the meeting held in Ahmedabad.
  • The ICC, during its meeting in Ahmedabad on November 21, has implemented a stop-clock system effective from December 1 to April 2024. 
  • This system aims to enhance over rates, with a penalty of five runs imposed if the bowling team fails to start the next over within 60 seconds after the previous one, occurring for the third time in an innings. 
  • The stop-clock is introduced to ensure stricter in-game penalties, supplementing the existing rule where teams falling behind must place an extra fielder within the 30-yard circle.

ICC revised transgender policy:

  • The ICC has updated its transgender policy, incorporating a stop clock. According to the revised rules, any player transitioning from male to female who has experienced male puberty is eligible. 
  • Even with surgery or gender reassignment treatment, such individuals won't be permitted to partake in women's international cricket.
  • Previously, a transgender woman had to keep her testosterone serum at 5 nanomoles or less for a 12-month period. This was in line with the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee.
  • With this new ICC rule, Canada's Danielle McGahee, who became the first transgender player to play in international cricket earlier this year, will no longer be eligible to play women's cricket.


Answer:- ICC has withdrawn the hosting of Under-19 World Cup Cricket from Sri Lanka.

Answer:- International Cricket Council (ICC) has withdrawn the hosting of Under-19 World Cup cricket from Sri Lanka and handed it over to South Africa.

Answer:- The Under-19 World Cup is scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka between 14 January and 15 February.
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