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First International Rainbow Tourism Conference Held in Nepal

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 23-04-2024
First International Rainbow Tourism Conference Held in Nepal Summit and Conference 4 min read

The first International Rainbow Tourism Conference was recently held in Nepal, with the aim of promoting the country as a safe and respectful destination for the sexual minority community in South Asia. 

Organizer of conference 

This one-day conference was organised by Maya Ko Pehchan Nepal, a non-governmental organisation, in collaboration with the Nepal Tourism Board. 


It represents a significant milestone in promoting diversity and inclusivity within the tourism industry, and is a critical step forward in creating a tourism industry that embraces diversity.


The recently concluded conference, which witnessed the participation of around 120 people, was a significant event that brought together members of the LGBTI (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) community, various non-governmental organisations, activists, writers, and media persons from different parts of the world. Attendees came from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, Spain, and the US to participate in the conference.

Right of LGBT community

Nepal is a country that has been at the forefront of recognising and promoting the rights of the LGBT community. Currently, over 3,100 people belonging to the community are formally registered in the country, though it is believed that the actual number of individuals belonging to this community is higher.

The country's constitution recognises the rights of the LGBT community, and it has formulated many laws guaranteeing equal treatment and a violence-free atmosphere for them. The Supreme Court of Nepal has been instrumental in upholding "justice and equality for all citizens." In 2007, the court made a landmark decision asking the government to formulate laws recognising the identity of the third gender and scrap all discriminatory laws. In June 2023, through an interim order, the court allowed same-sex marriage to be registered legally.


The conference was a groundbreaking initiative that reflects Nepal's dedication to becoming a beacon of inclusivity in global tourism. Rainbow tourism not only promises economic growth but represents an opportunity to foster inclusivity and empowerment within the LGBTI community. 

By promoting LGBTI tourism, Nepal is not only attracting visitors from this community but also sending out a powerful message of acceptance and tolerance to the world.


Answer: Nepal

Answer: Promoting the country as a safe and respectful destination for the sexual minority community in South Asia
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