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Exploring the Enchanting Realm of the Eurasian Eagle-Owl

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 22-11-2023
Exploring the Enchanting Realm of the Eurasian Eagle-Owl International news 2 min read

The Indian eagle owl (Bubo bengalensis) was classified as a species in recent years, prior to the classification it was thought to be the Eurasian eagle owl. There are at least 12 widely distributed subspecies of the Eurasian eagle owl. They have a wide range in Europe and Asia, with an estimated population of between 100,000 and 500,000. Conservation status is of the least concern but has a declining trend. Eurasian eagle owls are mainly found in Europe, Russia, Central Asia and some other regions. Due to their size, they are also sometimes used for pest control.

Eurasian eagle-owl:


  • The Eurasian eagle owl is also known as Uhu.

  • Females can grow up to 75 cm in length and have a wingspan of 188 cm, while males are slightly smaller.

  • Their ear tufts are distinctive, and the upperparts are speckled with black and brown.

  • The underparts are brown with darker stripes, and they have distinctive orange eyes.


  • Eagle owls inhabit a variety of habitats, especially in mountains, rocky areas, and forests.

  • They are skilled hunters, hunting prey such as small mammals, birds, and reptiles.

  • These owls breed in hidden places, such as ledges of rocks, and lay their eggs at different times.

  • In parental care, both adults take care of the chicks for about five months.


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