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2024 Pulitzers Winner Announced, Check The Complete Winners List

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2024 Pulitzers Winner Announced, Check The Complete Winners List Award and Honour 5 min read

Columbia University of the United States of America announced the 2024 Pulitzer Prize winners on 7 May 2024. Columbia University announced the winners on the recommendation of the Pulitzer Prize Board. The award will be conferred by the president of Columbia University in a ceremony later.

The Pulitzer Award is considered the most prestigious prize in the field of Journalism. 

It recognises work in 15 journalism categories and eight arts categories. It also gives special citations and awards. 

Some of the important winners of the 2024 Pulitzer Prize are as follows.

Journalism Category 

Some of the important award winners in the journalism categories are as follows.

Public Service -  Pro Publica.  Pro Publica is a non-profit investigative journalist body in California. It was given the award for the investigative work of its reporters Joshua Kaplan, Justin Elliott, Brett Murphy, Alex Mierjeski and Kirsten Berg.

Investigative ReportingHannah Dreier of The New York Times

International Reporting -   Staff of The New York Times. The  award was given for its  

wide-ranging and revelatory coverage of Hamas’ lethal attack in southern Israel on October 7, Israel’s intelligence failures and the Israeli military’s response in Gaza.

Editorial Writing -  David E. Hoffman of The Washington Post Newspaper.

Breaking News Photography -   Photography Staff of Reuters news agency.

Feature Photography -  Photography Staff of Associated Press news agency.

Audio Reporting -  Staff of the Invisible Institute and USG Audio.

Book Drama and Music Category

Fiction -  Night Watch. The novel has been written by American novelist Jayne Anne Phillips.

Drama -  Primary Trust. The Primary Trust has been written by American playwright  Eboni Booth,

History -  No Right to an Honest Living: The Struggles of Boston’s Black Workers in the Civil War Era. The book was written by American historian Jacqueline Jones.

Biography - two books have been chosen this time.

  • King: A Life, by Jonathan Eig, is a biography of American Black civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Master Slave Husband Wife: An Epic Journey from Slavery to Freedom, by Ilyon Woo 

Memoir and Autobiography -   Liliana’s Invincible Summer: A Sister’s Search for Justice, by Cristina Rivera Garza.

Poetry -  Tripas: Poems, by Brandon Som. Brandom Som is an American poet.

Music - Adagio (For Wadada Leo Smith), by Tyshawn Sorey.

General nonfiction -   A Day in the Life of Abed Salama: Anatomy of a Jerusalem Tragedy, by Nathan Thrall.

Special Awards and Citation 

  • Greg Tate - A special citation has been issued to the late writer and critic Gregory Stephen Tate, also popularly known as Greg Tate. Greg Tate was an American writer, musician, and producer.
  • Journalists and Media Workers Covering the War in Gaza

Pulitzer Prize 

  • The Pulitzer Prize was instituted by Joseph Pulitzer. 
  • He was a newspaper owner who, in 1904, provided for the foundation of the Pulitzer Prize as an incentive for excellence in Journalism, art, and culture. 
  • He donated money to the Faculty of Journalism to administer the prizes.
  • The Prize winners are selected by the Pulitzer Prize Board.
  • The first Prize was provided in 1917. 


Answer: It is the world’s most prestigious prize in Journalism.

Answer: Columbia University.

Answer: Pro-Publica of the United States.

Answer: 1917.
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