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16th conference of World Social Forum Started in Kathmandu

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16th conference of World Social Forum Started in Kathmandu Summit and Conference 3 min read

The 16th World Social Forum conference has started in Kathmandu. The five-day event, held under the banner "Another World is Possible", aims to promote exchange among civil society organizations, social movements, trade unions and individuals who oppose neoliberal globalization. 

  • The conference began with a Solidarity March that started at Bhrikutimandap, passed through Bhadrakali, New Road Gate, Ratna Park and back to Bhrikutimandap.
  • During the march, participants held up banners and placards with slogans supporting justice, peace, equality, and an end to discrimination.Many national and international organizations related to various sectors and rights expressed their support during the march.
  •  Around forty thousand people from 92 countries are expected to participate in the WSF. The opening ceremony was followed by a panel discussion with international speakers on various themes and subjects.

World Social Forum

  • The World Social Forum is an annual gathering of civil society organizations, which was first held in Brazil. 
  • The forum aims to create an alternative future by advocating for counter-hegemonic globalization. 
  • It provides an open platform for a diverse group of participants, including social movements, workers, farmers, civil society members, marginalized communities, and anyone affected directly or indirectly by the impacts of neoliberal capitalism. 
  • The forum serves as a unique space for linking struggles, sharing experiences and building connections between various movements. 
  • Activists from around the world come to the forum to discuss important issues like climate change, peace, migration, and social justice, especially in a world plagued by capitalism, imperialism and globalization.
  • Since its establishment in 2001, the World Social Forum (WSF) has been a hub for social movements, unions, and activists to collaborate, exchange ideas, and develop strategies for change.

The Kathmandu Forum is a significant milestone, showcasing the resilience and diversity of global solidarity movements. It provides a unique platform for discussing solutions to many pressing global issues such as economic inequality, climate change, social justice, and the rights of indigenous peoples.

Over 1,252 organizations from 92 countries are expected to participate both in-person and virtually in the five-day Forum, which will conclude on February 19th.



Answer: Kathmandu, Nepal

Answer: Brazil

Answer: 2001
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