Best Books to prepare for Rajasthan SI Exam 2021

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  • Jul 08, 2021
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Best Books to prepare for Rajasthan SI Exam 2021

Are you appearing for the Rajasthan SI Exam 2021? 

If yes, have you selected the right books according to the syllabus of the exam ?

Because choosing the correct books is the first step to start preparing for any examination.

But due to abundant choices available in the market this first step is the hardest.

Are you also confused about Best Books for Preparation of Rajasthan SI Examination.

Don’t worry, we are here to cover this up. To aid your search and save crucial time, we have put together a booklist with the best books for Rajasthan Police SI exam for you.

Best Books to prepare for Rajasthan SI Exam 2021

The first stage of the Rajasthan Police SI exam is the written examination. It includes 2 papers- Paper I and Paper II. Most of the candidates fail to pass the written exam even with intensive preparation. This happens because the books followed are low-yield and don’t cover all the topics. Thus, to get an edge the candidates must follow books that contain all the necessary information that might be asked in the exam. To help you with that, we have compiled a list of Best Books to prepare for Rajasthan SI Exam 2021 which will help you secure a great rank. 


General Hindi 

This section contains 100 questions of 200 marks. This is the part that determines a candidate’s merit in the exam. As the weightage for General Hindi is more than the other two subjects, a little extra effort here can boost your ranks. The following list of books will help you with that:

S. No.SubjectBooks
1.General HindiDr. Raghav Prakash – Samanya Hindi(PCP Publications)
2. General HindiSubhash Yadav- Hindi Vyakaran(Manas Publication)

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It includes General Knowledge and General Science. This section contains 100 questions and has a weightage of 200 marks. The syllabus for General Knowledge and General Science is vast. Hence, to prepare for this section, one must approach it strategically. The best books must be chosen for it. The following list of books will guarantee the maximum output from your efforts:

General Knowledge

S. No.SubjectBooks
1.General Knowledge1. Lakshya Guide- Manu Prakashan
2. Rapid General Knowledge 2021-Disha Publications
3. Arihant General Knowledge
2.Rajasthan General Knowledge1. Lakshya Rajasthan
2. Panorama Rajasthan
3. Indian General KnowledgeLucent General Knowledge
4. Current Affairs1. Phool Patti Wali Class— Kumar Gaurav Sir
2. Rajasthan Current Affairs— Narendra Choudhary Sir
3. Antarrashtriya chronology
4. Rajasthan chronology

General Science

S. No.SubjectBooks
Science and technologyUtkarsh Institute Youtube channel  


1. Modern HistorySpectrum- A brief history of Modern India
2. Medieval HistoryNCERT: Medieval History by Satish Chandra


S. No.SubjectBooks
1.World and Indian Geography1. Mahesh Kumar Baranwal 
2. Oxford Atlas
2. Geography of rajasthan1. Dr. L. R. Bhalla – Geography of Rajasthan
2. Maps of Rajasthan (Rajasthan Manchitrawali) by Mumal

Polity and Administration

S. No.SubjectBooks
1.Indian Polity1. Pariksha Vaani- Rajasthan
2. M.Laxmikanth’s
2. Rajasthan PolityRajasthan Polity, economy, Society- B.L. Panagariya, N.C. Pahariya


S. No.SubjectBooks
1. Rajasthan economyLaxminarayan Nathuramka’s Rajasthan Economy

Reasoning and Mental Ability

S. No.SubjectBooks
1.Maths and reasoning R.S. Aggarwal- A modern approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning

Utkarsh Online Sub-Inspector Course

Utkarsh Rajasthan SI course will prove to be an important stepping stone in your preparation journey.

It has a carefully curated curriculum covering every aspect of the exam, to enhance the learning outcomes of all those who follow it.

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The course allows you to follow along at your own pace with live as well as recorded lectures.

You can also find good study material in the form of PDF notes, live quizzes and regular tests. The tests help you to identify your weak areas and work on them. 

You’ll get the best mentors to guide you through your preparation.

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It is always better to have a few high-yield Rajasthan Police SI books over multiple books. Having too many books increases the time in which you complete the course. 

Choosing a few select books with quality content and revising them multiple times is a better approach to preparing for the exam.

Most candidates fail to select the books that will cover all the topics necessary and instead get deviated towards the ones that have a lot of information irrelevant to the exam. 

The candidate’s preparation is only as good as the books selected by them. So choose wisely!

To check out the preparation tips for the exam, read our blog: How to Prepare for Rajasthan Police SI exam 2021

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Hope you find our blog “ Best Books for Preparation of Rajasthan SI Examination 2021” helpful.

For any query regarding the exam please comment below.

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