9 sure-shot tips to crack the Rajasthan Patwari Exam

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  • Oct 02, 2020
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9 sure-shot tips to crack the Rajasthan Patwari Exam

The status and respect that government employees get in India are incomparable. Every student strives to get a government job and realize their dreams. Rajasthan Patwar is one such government position that is very sought after by the students. Every year, lakhs of students apply for this position and therefore, the competition for the exam is very tough. The candidates must have a very strong preparation in order to ace this exam. 

Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection Board conduct the Patwar Exam for the recruitment of the Rajasthan Patwari state-level government job. This year, there are a total of 4207 vacancies of Patwari. To secure a place in this position the candidates need to study and work hard. This article will guide you through how to prepare for Rajasthan Patwar Exam and clear it with flying colors.

1. Discipline is the key to success.

In order to crack any government exam, the first requirement is to be disciplined. The students must imbibe discipline in their daily routine by preparing a time table for themselves. Preparing a time table will help them with organizing their study plan and strategizing for the exam. This way, they can give proper time to every subject so that all the topics from each subject are covered which will greatly amplify their chances of acing the exam.  The students must ensure that they give proper time to each and every subject; extra time must be given to the weaker subjects, where the student needs extra preparation. Ensure that you give yourself proper breaks between every subject so that you don’t over-stress yourself.

2. Know what to study.

Some candidates think that the more time they spend studying, the more are their chances to succeed. However, this is not true. The candidates mustn’t just work hard but work smart. Instead of spending days and nights on a subject, try to get a set time every day for each subject. Studying the same subject for the whole day, or elongated study time with no breaks can stress your brain and consecutively affect your learning ability.

3. Get the right study material. 

Getting the right study material is one of the most important aspects of preparing for the Patwar exam. There are numerous books and notes available in the market, but the candidates must choose them very wisely. The students can access numerous good quality Patwari Books Online. The right study material can save you a lot of time and effort and help you take a step ahead in achieving your dream of becoming a Patwari.

4. Get help from experts.

There is no doubt that you can prepare for the Patwar exam by yourself but getting help from an expert can greatly boost your preparation and increase your chances of cracking the Patwar Exam. Rajasthan Patwari Exam Coaching can help you with many things like providing quality study material, clearing your doubts in every subject, helping you in the subjects and topics you are weak at, and many other such factors. The students who are not able to join Patwar Classroom Coaching can opt for Online Courses for Patwari Exam. These online courses can be of great help for students who are preparing for this exam along with college or job as they can study as per their pace and time.

5. Stay updated with Patwar Exam Pattern and Patwar Exam Syllabus.

The candidates who are willing to ace the Patwar Exam must be updated with the pattern and syllabus of the patwari exam. The exam pattern helps the students to know about various aspects of the test paper such as the number of questions, the marking scheme, weightage, type of questions, duration of the paper, etc. This helps the student to be mentally prepared for the exam so that the students can prepare accordingly. Similarly, knowing the syllabus makes the students aware of the topics and subtopics from which the questions will be formed in the exam.

6. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

This proverb stands true in the preparation of government exams too. The candidates must take proper rest and spend some time in refreshments too as it helps with your mind to relax. It will help you in diverting your mind which helps in increasing your learning power.  Giving time to your hobbies helps in your overall development which is very crucial for getting selected as a Patwar.

7. Proper Revision

The syllabus for the Patwar exam is very long and it is natural to forget what you have studied. Timely revision helps the candidates in remembering what they have studied. The candidates must revise the topics every week so that what they have studied stays intact in their minds. Before a few days of the exam, the candidates must refrain from taking up new topics and revise the topics which they have already studied so that they remember what they have previously covered. Taking up new topics can confuse students and hinder their performance in the exam.

8. Take a balanced diet. 

Taking a proper diet is very important while preparing for the exam. Including fresh fruits, vegetables, and pulses in your diet will give you the energy required to study. Avoid having heavy meals. Including nuts and fruits in your diet can help increase your learning capacity.

9.  Practice Yoga and Meditation.

Indulging yourself in activities such as yoga and meditation will help you in relaxing yourself which in turn will help you reduce stress and study better. These physical activities are also proven to increasing your concentration power which can be a huge benefit while preparing for the Rajasthan Patwar Exam. Try to reduce your screen time as it can add to mental stress and have a negative impact on your learning capacity.

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