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World No Tobacco Day 2024: Theme and Background

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World No Tobacco Day 2024: Theme and Background Important Day 5 min read

The world observes World No Tobacco day on 31 May every year. It is observed every year to draw the attention of the public and the policy makers to the  global tobacco epidemic, and the preventable death and disease it causes.

Background to the World No Tobacco Day 

The World Health Assembly of the World Health Organisation (WHO) passed a resolution in 1988 to observe 31 May as World No Tobacco Day. 

31 May 1988 ,was observed as the first World No Tobacco Day.

The World Health Assembly is the supreme decision making body of the WHO which meets annually at the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. All the member countries of the WHO participate in the meeting. Currently WHO has 194 member states and two associate states as members.

Tobacco Consumption and its Impact on Health 

Consumption of tobacco either in the form of smoking or in smoke-less form. Smoking of tobacco is done in the form of bidi, cigarettes, cigars, hookah, etc. The major source of consumption of non-smoking forms of tobacco is by chewing the tobacco or by sniffing it . In India, the consumption of non-smoking forms of tobacco is the major cause of oral cancer.

The smoking of tobacco is a major cause of lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic bronchitis cancer and emphysema diseases. Smoking tobacco also leads to respiratory distress, gastric ulcers and pregnancy complications. The adverse effects of smoking on pregnancy range from low birth weight to increased chances of abortions, prematurity, stillbirths and neonatal deaths.

Smoking tobacco not only causes health complications for the users but also affects the nearby person. The nearby person, also popularly known as non -smoker is at a major risk of heart disease and lung cancer.

Theme of the 2024 World No Tobacco Day  

Every Year  the World Health Organisation selects a theme for the World No Tobacco Day to highlight a particular issue. This year WHO has chosen to protect Children from Tobacco Industry interference. The theme highlights the fact that the tobacco industry targets the youth so as to create lifetime users. According to the WHO an estimated 37 million youths in the age group 13-15 years use tobacco.

Tobacco And India 

Tobacco is believed to be the native plant of the Americas. 

  • The credit for introducing tobacco in India goes to the Portuguese.They introduced the crop in India in 1605.
  • Initially, tobacco was grown in the Kaira and Mehsana districts of Gujarat and later spread to other areas of the country.
  • India is the second largest producer of tobacco in the world after China 
  • It is the second-largest exporter of tobacco in the world after Brazil 

The top  tobacco-producing state in India are : 

  • Gujarat (45% of total production in India)
  • Andhra Pradesh (20 %)
  • Uttar Pradesh (15%), 
  • Karnataka (8%)


Answer: 31 May 2024

Answer: Protecting Children from Tobacco Industry interference.

Answer: Portuguese in 1605

Answer: Second after China.

Answer: Gujarat
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