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World Lion Day: Celebrating The Kings and Queens Of The Jungle

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 04-12-2023
World Lion Day: Celebrating The Kings and Queens Of The Jungle Important Day 3 min read

Every year 10th August is observed as World Lion Day. Lions popularly called the big cat is scientifically known as Panthero

Leo ‘. The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species lists lions as a vulnerable species. The population of lions in Africa and Asia is estimated to be around 30,000-1,00,000 however there has been a consistent decline in their population. To raise awareness about the threat to the lions and their natural habitat ,World Lion Day is celebrated.

Background to the Day 

The credit for starting World Lion Day goes to American couple Dereck and Beverly Joubert. They have  set up an organisation  called ‘ Big Cat Rescue’, dedicated to the cause of preservation and protection of Lions.  

In 2013 the Big Cat Rescue  and  the National Geographic formed a partnership to safeguard remaining Lions found in their natural habitats. They decided to observe World Lion Day to raise public awareness.

The first World Lion Day was observed in 2013. 

Lions in india 

Asiatic Lions in their natural habitat are found in Sasan Gir National Park in Gujarat. It is the only place in the world apart from Africa where lions are found in the wild.  The Lion population in the Gir sanctuary is estimated to be around 674.

On Occasion of the World Lion Day the Gujarat Chief Minister  Bhupendrabahi Patel unveiled  a Lion Anthem and introduced the Sinh Suchna Web App. He also launched  two books titled "The King of the Jungle – The Asiatic Lions of Gir" and "Hu Gujarat no Sinh".

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