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USA Vetoed the UNSC resolution For recognising a Palestinian state

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USA Vetoed the UNSC resolution For recognising a Palestinian state International news 5 min read

In a recent development, the United States used its veto power to block a resolution in the United Nations Security Council. The resolution aimed to recognize Palestine as a separate state

  • Despite twelve members of the Security Council voting in favor of the resolution, two countries, namely the UK and Switzerland, abstained from voting. The US exercised its veto power to prevent the resolution from passing.

Key highlights of the resolution

  • The US opposed the Palestinian bid for UN membership, stating that statehood should be achieved through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. 
  • The US believed that premature actions in New York would not achieve statehood for the Palestinians. The Palestinian efforts came after Hamas attacked Israel and Israel responded with an assault that killed thousands of people in Gaza.

When was resolution started?

Palestinian attempts to become a full member state began in 2011. They currently hold a non-member observer status granted in November 2012.

Two State Solution

  • In 1947, the United Nations agreed on a plan that divided Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, with international rule over Jerusalem. 
  • The plan gave the Jews 56% of the land, but the Arab League rejected it. The state of Israel was declared in 1948, and a day later five Arab states attacked. At the end of the war Israel controlled 70% of territory. 
  • In 1967, Israel captured the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza, securing control of all territory between the Mediterranean and Jordan valley. 
  • Today, Palestinians remain stateless, with most living under Israeli occupation or as refugees in neighboring states.

Events in Israel Palestine war

  • Tensions between Israel and Palestine have been increasing due to Israel's expansion of settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In 1987, Palestinians living in those territories began riots, which were later called the first intifada.
  • In 1993, with the mediation of the US and Russia, Israel and the PLO signed the Oslo Peace accord. The accord was based on the idea of a two-state solution, where both Palestine and Israel would seek recognition as autonomous governing bodies. The PLO recognized Israel, and in exchange, Israel agreed to give independence to the occupied territories. However, the territories remained under Israeli possession.
  • The 2000 Camp David Summit aimed to resolve the conflict between the two sides but unfortunately ended in failure. This led to the Second Intifada, a violent uprising that lasted from 2000 to 2005 and caused numerous civilian casualties on both sides. In response, Israel constructed the West Bank Barrier as a defensive measure to separate Israeli and Palestinian settlements.
  • In 2005, Israel carried out the Gaza Expulsion plan, which involved a unilateral disarmament effort where Israel's defense forces vacated the Gaza Strip and four settlements in the northern West Bank.


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